Get beyond the politics and the personalities

What a momentous week!!!

America chose a new President .  There are protests. There is shock. Even with believers.

My Facebook timeline became a political hotbed. 

However I felt that Christian Ministries got in the political argument. Politics is a game for the intelligent.

John had suffered injustice at the hands of the political superpower called Rome . 

He said in chapter 1 of Revelation;

“I was in the Spirit on the Lord’s Day.” 

Even if you cannot understand how the UK is leaving the EU; Donald Trump is President of the USA from January you must go beyond the politics promises personalities and look into the realm of the Spirit.

God puts down rulers and appoints to Office. it has nothing to do with their politics or persuasions . It has all to do with an eternal agenda. If truth be known our government here in UK does not know what BREXIT looks like. 

These will be the two seismic shifts for 2016. They represent the upheaval of the Security of business as usual. You may be angry and sad. But I challenge you to look beyond all this.

These two events this year represent opportunity to spread the Gospel. They represent the challenge to stop believing what the press predict and declare. What it showed that whole populations showed their will.

How much more in the spiritual.There are entities that want to bring war and famine. Pray and looking to this Day as God’s day. God is moving ; speaking and positioning us to make and eternal difference.  

No-one likes change nor imperfect flawed rulers. But did not God choose the weak? 

When you see a leader who is over confident and popular with the masses be cautious because popularity is never a seal of divine approval.

Let us get beyond the arguments and focus on a Kingdom based agenda. The way has been made clear for its expression! it is now up to us to take this opportunity and make it count. 


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