The Day of the Lord Part 1: Rest

After so much time I return to write as I am currently moving. Obviously this activity must exist,but can I be “in the Spirit.”?


Revelation 1 sets the scene for the GREATEST REVELATION of the whole Bible. That REVELATION is not a project,not a ministry. It was the REVELATION of Jesus.

Not the Servant King,but the Glorified Lord!

How much more we need this REVELATION!


So the scene is set. It was the DAY of the Lord. Which makes me ask the question,what makes the Day of the Lord so special?  What sort of DAY is it?

The Day of the Lord that we transition from one season to another. We need to define that the Day of the Lord is an appointed time to take us into a greater REVELATION of Him so that we can reflect Him in our lives with greater understanding.

So to understand the Day we must see there are two “sabbaths” in scripture that are defined in Numbers 14 and Joshua 3. The two are marked by the response to the challenge to fulfil the promise by faith. One generation more readily believed the negative report. That was because they were spectators of God’s acts. They were not partakers. Their unbelief in what was perceived to be effort to enter the promise of God excluded them.


The misunderstanding is that faith is a school built in life’s experiences in which we learn that we ENTER THE THINGS OF GOD VIA TRUST AND SURRENDER!!!!

That fact can never be perceived by those who follow spirituality VIA rules and precepts which fill the void which should have the bedrock of the school of faith. This school is entered into when we SURRENDER to the purpose of the wilderness in our walk. It is to learn that we are not the centre of our universe and that we revolve the Lord as our centre. And the only way we revolve is in that dimension of faith.

I cannot divorce the principle of faith from the Author of faith. It is one. A person. Jesus.


So what is this DAY? It is the Day of REST. That is the REST-ORATION of all things. We are restored when we learn to REST. The promises of God are entered into via obedience with a simple step of following what He commands us to do.

When we fall into an “activity” based Christianity it is most certain we are doing the works without the faith. So the works are dead.

One we REST in the fact that everything had been established before all time we just need to ask where our preordained footsteps are laid and walk in them. It is simple.

Once we give up trying our way,according to our understanding we certainly enter into the awareness of God’s ways of being and doing things.

The universal principle Jesus established for you is to enable you with all kinds of provision and grace to grow in Him to do His Works and Live His Life!

This is the beginning of REST. He has already done it. We just need to walk in it.


One thought on “The Day of the Lord Part 1: Rest

  1. Heb_4:10 For he that is entered into his rest, he also hath ceased from his own works, as God did from his.

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