Day of the Lord Part 2: Entering

REVELATION cites in chapter 1 the whole dimension that John was in the Spirit on the day of the Lord. Hebrews 4 speaks to us of two specific days:
1. Numbers 14: Physical challenge of entry
2. Joshua 3: actual entry
3. Mark 1, John 1: entry into Jordan


The first two are physical challenges. The third being a spiritual entry. And if we note well we will see that Jordan features in them all.

Hebrews 4 gives us a warning concerning faith, obedience and action . When we read the Numbers 14 account we see that what prevailed was the NEGATIVE REPORT. The challenge right now is:

What is the prevailing REPORT you are listening to right now?

There were 10 spies speaking negatively. Only 2 reinforced the promise of God and the challenge to act on it.

So what was the difference?


I would hasten to add that the 10 spies had no companionship or relationship with the Lord to know why they were passing into the desert to where God wanted them.

And they were so bitter and far from God that they remembered the cucumbers of Egypt. I am sure as slaves in that country their fare was worse than cucumbers.

You see when you cannot see the blessings of the present you will imagine blessings in the past that never existed!!!


When we are to enter into the REST DAY OF THE LORD we are entering into a place where God makes all things new!

So when God says enter what is our response?

Numbers 14 we see varying emotions and attitudes: resentment, complaining, rebellion against leaders, looking back to the past.

Then we need to contrast what Joshua’s generation had to do. They had to recognise that God commanded them to cross the barrier not with their eyes or feet but the Word based on faith.

The moment the priests touched the river with their feet the river parted and miraculous ground appeared.

So we return to Hebrews 4. The warning.


We need to see that the people were going to get their needs met and be fed. When they went through hunger and thirst they complained and had no notion of the character of God.

What is important about Hebrews 4 is the fact that we are not entering to get our needs met or have a comfortable life.

We are part of a programme which Jesus will establish the Kingdom of God.

Matthew plainly says that we must seek first the Kingdom. Then the benefits and privileges.

When we enter into the REST of God we are not entering our REST but God’s. This is because despite perfect creation being marred God will bring in perfection again.

The fact is what is the REPORT you are persuaded by? Whatever persuaded you determines your destiny!!!


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