Day of Determination

Passing through a situation this week made me realise that there are times when what you believe must be determined not by us but by God.

We preach,worship,teach that there is a God. But what the world desires to see is manifestations that cannot be explained.

I was walking this week speaking to the Lord about a situation that I cannot resolve. Only a supernatural demonstration can prove God’s existence.


I thought well…where is that in the Bible?

We see one striking example in 1 Kings 19. Elijah is confronting the prophets of Baal. There are 450 of them. A multitude.

It seems like that when our cause requires faith and we have a myriad of contrary voices.


Those voices can be our leaders or brothers and sisters who we really counted on for support. But like Elijah we are on the mountain alone.

But the key in any situation like this we need to remember that our victory and the key to getting it is knowing its not our name that is in question nor what we said God promised us,God is in question. When He is in question He always demonstrates that He is no RESPECTER OF PERSONS and He can promise what He will.

So God delights in these situations!!!


And when we de-centralise ourselves from our cause putting God first then we lock into the mighty manifestations of heaven.

Too often it is here we allow offence and rejection rob us of our miracle. We need to know our promise,cause,came from who? It came from God. It is not our name in question it is His.


Now from that standpoint you gain a different perspective because WHO NEEDS TO COME THROUGH IS GOD NOT YOU.

Now Baal did not come through. They cut themselves,shouted and cried,until nightfall. No word,no fire,no answer.

Elijah rose up and prayed the God centered prayer that was the definition and faith God needed that He rained down fire.


These are days of DETERMINATION which God takes hold of unlikely people to make great promises and destiny.

Like Joseph your brothers mock you. You are injusticed and mocked by all. But there are DEFINING MOMENTS WHERE HUMAN EFFORT COULD NEVER BRING ABOUT THE FULFILMENT OF IMMENSE DREAMS!

Let God bring us into a defining moment. Not going with the crowd. But standing out with a dream,a cause,a project that only He can bring about.

This is the day of determination!



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