Houses of Prayer

A Key to Revival

The emphasis sometimes is going to meetings…the Lord says it is important but not everything. The Lord wants Houses of Prayer FOR ALL NATIONS. The Lord wants people to become available to let their houses be used as houses of prayer.

These were used in the Hebrides Revival and to such glory of God, as barns. Consider this vision. This is not going to be organized by man, it has to be by call of God. In the Hebrides Revival two women in their little cottage got vision, got the visitation of God, and knew how and where the Spirit was moving.

Today got word that through the disasters in Australia that a cry for prayer has gone up, and now revival is breaking out…

What I believe in my spirit is that God is looking for houses, family, which will allow Him to move in their midst…He will sanctify cottages, houses, barns for places of prayer, where His Spirit shall brood.

My vision is that I am seeing throughout the uk houses of REVIVAL…I am seeing great networks made by the Spirit to pray at coordinated times to bring AN OUTPOURING OF REPENTANCE FIRST…what comes to mind is 2 CHRONICLES 7:14 WHERE GOD GIVES HIS PROMISE OF HEALING OUR LAND. The context is in dedicating the house of God, God responds in covenant form…how much more to us? God wants to extend His Covenant to us…

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