Hebrides Revival, some lessons

One of the things God has spoken to me about about 2Chron7:14. It was one of the key scriptures that undergirded the seeking of God in the Hebrides in the move of the Spirit there. People became radical in prayer whilst being led daily to speak of Christ. The challenge is to reach this walk by seeking God. Who is seeking today? How many of us know of the covenant God has extended to us? How many of us know how to push through to rain? Continue reading Hebrides Revival, some lessons

Messianic Israelite: a new vision

Dear all, I have been meditating on the fact that Israelites, that is the 12 tribes are being taken back to their land. They are being visited because the Lord is making them into Messianic Israelites, whose Messiah has been revealed to them supernaturally. We support and actively pray for Israel. We believe in God’s Word that Israel is central to God’s prophetic plan. So next time you think of Israel, do not just think about Jews, they are of Judah, there are the other tribes. We bless Abraham, and his children, we pray for the peace of Jerusalem, and … Continue reading Messianic Israelite: a new vision

Brixham again.

Dear all, I am in Brixham again via the obedience to the voice of the Spirit. When we walk in the Spirit we come into a realm where we do things which seem illogical. I have come to claim the land. I have come to do what God told me to do. I ask that simply you pray for me. I ask also that you send me aid, as I need to send this aid to Portugal to support my family. You can send via Paypal on russell.durose@gmail.com as I will be grateful to receive any gifts which are sent … Continue reading Brixham again.