The Rainbow and the Harbour

The other day my friend Mike telephoned me to go down the harbour to receive the Lord’s message to me. I obeyed, and it started to rain. Just wondered what the Lord was going to say…all of a sudden a rainbow appeared to announce my covenant of peace…I was never to be more isolated in my “ark” of God, where others will doubt my building in God…my time here in the UK has been long and quite a journey, with much pain and much loneliness too. Especially when He commanded me to stay in a Guest House, and I was to follow Him step by step everyday.

I was separated by water from my family, and even my desire to return at this point has been put to an appointed time. I was to spend time in His Presence.

This is against all logic, but obey I must.

What God is doing is bringing us all to His Fulness where we no longer depend on doing, but being, no longer depend on what we have…but who we are in Him…we no longer depend on our minds, but His Understanding. We no longer even sway by what others think. This is the time between God and ourselves.

The rainbow signifies God ending the “flood” of separation and now integration into acceptance and the true love. The perfume of our prayers to God will bring us a new platform by which we are starting a new season of our lives. This new season does not bring us sadness…rather gladness because the transition is not about new lands, cities, people or possessions, but rather a communion with God which brings us into a rich vision of life itself.

Our “ark” when the flood waters of misunderstandings, accusations, and opposers, dies away, we come out from there onto a new dry land…a promised land. We come out to offer our lives to Him who is worthy.

God approves of our lives by giving us PERSONAL SIGNS OF THAT COVENANT. The case of Noah, he is given the rainbow, every colour the eye could see…that means God wanted to cover his life’s perception and vision with favour and with covenant promises which Noah would live in total union with God.

The Lord showed me the rainbow on Brixham harbour and said; “My promises to you…” and extended His Hand of walking together through this life.

The harbour signifies the haven that God brings us to…of rest and contentment.

It is that season.


One thought on “The Rainbow and the Harbour

  1. Russell,
    This word is so rich and confirms and adds to some things for my walk. It’s a beautiful word!

    This is a song the Lord gave me several years back as I began my journey of building the ark you are speaking about here.

    Children, build an ark of faith;
    Build it on the firm foundation of Christ.
    You must work with patience and perseverance,
    Though scorned by the world.
    It must be built by the pattern in God’s word;
    Line upon line, precept upon precept.
    A willing heart and a hearing ear
    Ensures the measure of mercy and grace
    Needed to finish your task.
    Your ark of faith will carry you,
    And all God gives you
    Through troubled waters of tribulation,
    Through floods of persecution,
    And storms of spiritual wickedness;
    With all long suffering in joyfulness,
    Into the bliss of holiness;
    Without which no man will see the Lord.

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