Portugal goes to elections

Several weeks ago in my prayer time, I sensed that the government of Portugal would soon fall. Lo, and behold the government has fallen. José Socrates who led a minority government has had successive and excessive measures to control national debt. Strangled the country. The Lord spoke to me that elections were coming, today it is confirmed. May God help Portugal, because God has spoken much about that country, a country I spent 15 years a resident, family there. God wants to move there. Pray for Portugal . Continue reading Portugal goes to elections

Purim, deliverance 2011

Purim falls from tomorrow in the Israelite calendar. It signifies for all those who live for God a shift in their circumstances. Tomorrow expect great breakthroughs, expect release from imprisoning circumstances. The Lord has been speaking across the board that this Purim is very significant. To put you in the picture, Purim originated in the Book of Esther, who saved the Jewish people from wickedness. Purim was to celebrate how God used the fast to deliver His People. We know that this time we will see some long standing faith issues resolved. So we need to be expectant. Amen? Continue reading Purim, deliverance 2011


Dear all, I have been under considerable pressure the last few days. Many things still needing clarification. I have had to make some adjustments which entailed a lot of wisdom. The finance for the prayer house did not come in, and to boot I have had a couple of ears completely deaf. Today been to the surgery and will go back tomorrow. I am asking for prayer as God has indeed begun to move powerfully this afternoon. I am in a place of prayer and meditation right now. Keep praying and send feedback… Continue reading Update

Earthquakes and Tsunamis; the meaning…

The meaning of today: March 11 2011…all the 11’s, and the world teeters with a world rocking earthquake and tsunami. We stand bewildered at the scale of disasters, the loss of property and life. What is the meaning? They are birth pangs to peace….the world is in labour. It is in labour with a new earth, where earthquakes will no longer take place, nor disasters. But what is being shaken is not just physical structures, but spiritual ones. People are being spoken to, loud and clear. We do not seem to be listening. God is telling us to turn our … Continue reading Earthquakes and Tsunamis; the meaning…

A Pivotal Move

I am writing in the midst of what could be a pivotal move of God. When you think that the Lighthouse is used in the night, to shine its light when the storms are there, to warn ships and boats of the rocks, so the Lighthouse is the symbol of Brixham in Devon, UK. Several weeks ago the Lord led me back down to Brixham, to stay in a Guest House for 10 days, of intensive intercession. The Lord gave my friend a vision of a house. With a lantern in the garden. I stayed in the Guest House being … Continue reading A Pivotal Move

Waiting in Troas

Dear all, There was no move yesterday regarding the PRAYER HOUSE in Brixham. We waited, on promised finance but it did not appear in the account. We are in a place now of waiting on God…and just having to extend our trust in God. Like Paul in Troas, some avenues are closed, we are closed in in a place of waiting. But in that place Paul got an amazing direction, which resulted in churches being formed in Macedonia. We know this delay, waiting place will be for great fruit. Pray for us. Continue reading Waiting in Troas

When all is left is integrity

Job retained his integrity even when he lost his home, his children, and his animals. Then to boot he also lost his health, boils all over his body. When you approach the book of Job, you cannot see anything but two pillars of truth. 1. The Integrity of Job: Job knew his God…he knew that God was testing him through and through, through his circumstances. When he lost everything everyone else lost all faith, and even his wife persuaded him to turn his back on God…he just bowed down and worshipped the Lord. Even in the context of his suffering, … Continue reading When all is left is integrity


I am sitting here tonight with a concrete promise and covenant to move into a house tomorrow. The money has not arrived, yet the promises, and confirmations are so strong that we are just here waiting. I have to be there tomorrow at 11am. So I am sat here not with any anxiety because God has said it, and He will do it. Join me in prayer for it. It represents a new chapter in my walk with Him, a place He calls Zion, which He will establish beyond my control. It shall be a house of prayer, of ministry, … Continue reading Breakthrough

Isaiah 54 A Breakthrough Key for Today

The Lord took me to Isaiah 54 today, and told me that the Lord has for a generation a preparation time for birthing the new things…God likens it to a woman who has never bore, and likens it to a fruitless life. In Israel a woman who had never given birth to children was a shame. It was telling of sin on behalf of the woman. But the Lord says it is finished the time of fruitlessness. Now it is time to be birthing the things of God… The Lord says prepare: 1. Sing: In all revivals, the type of … Continue reading Isaiah 54 A Breakthrough Key for Today