Isaiah 61 talks about beauty for ashes. Ashes represent the sorrow that we feel in spirit at times of indefinition and pressure to conform to success as the world sees it. Beauty that God speaks about is the beauty formed through the passing of many seasons.

This photo is taken in Torquay and shows the beauty of the landscape which sees both days as you can see in the photo, days of rain and wind; hostile and warm seasons. Yet it looses none of its beauty and it’s wonder. 

God designed creation this way. What comes in our lives which can bring sorrow should prepare us for when joy comes;

Sorrow and crying last but a night but joy comes in the morning. 

These are not empty promises we just latch onto. Rather they are inherently engrained into creation itself to give both continuity and consistency. We continue to live with a guiding light of Christ. 

There are many of us subscribing to systems which preach and teach instant success. It is apparent that for some it works. For others it leaves them cold and some leave the faith altogether. As we see the above photo may we be reminded that perfecting and beautifying does not come without its processes and it’s setbacks. We must see that the Bible never promises anything instantaneous. Rather it promises us patience to walk out our faith and joy to walk out our trials. 

This is a appeal to return to the true essence of God’s purpose in creation and in His dealings with us. 

Musings whilst I sit in the place in the picture.


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