The HARBINGER of Change; interval 

Right now I have not posted for a while on this series due to the fact that God has not released His Message and not only that what will happen is this series will end because we are going to have a “spin off ” series because what has been communicated to me is that the truths forthcoming are going to open a new dimension of understanding. 

I get to see from my stats that many nations see the posts and some actually follow the posts. For me interaction is the key that I am not speaking to myself 😀. Therefore I encourage to send feedback. 

There are so many themes that I could embark on in this series but God seems to indicate that there is something He is preparing me for now that is taking time.

I am not the sort of person who desires to be always posting if there is no real inspiration as this will just be information. In fact we are so much in  saturation with information. The reality is that inspiration spoken out births revelation. This revelation brings us into a different place of faith. Hence the importance of waiting for that signal and that level of inspiration to come. 

Peter’s message after the descent of the Holy Spirit shows a massive level of inspiration and revelation. 3000 lives were impacted that day. So for me putting out messages is not where my interest lies. Impacting lives is my motivation. 

When we say impacting lives we do not mean that we are propagating the pursuit for gifts and ministry. We mean that  the pursuit for intimacy and a greater understanding of God is greater than my drive to have gifts or to minister. 

Therefore as followers I would appreciate your interaction. And your support as and when you can be guided that way. 

Stay posted as a new message is coming. 


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