The Connection between Melchizedek, David and Yeshua, Yeshua the Prophet: An apparent Contradiction


Heb 2:8-9
Thou hast put all things in subjection under his feet. For in that he put all in subjection under him, he left nothing that is not put under him. But now we see not yet all things put under him.

9 But we see Jesus, who was made a little lower than the angels for the suffering of death, crowned with glory and honour; that he by the grace of God should taste death for every man.

Here are absolutes, but those are not manifest overall. That is what causes many to have a problem with the prophetic. The prophetic speaks as though it is, but the Bible in Romans 4 says that Abraham spoke things as though they already existed. In our study of Christ we are looking at His role of being Prophet of all Prophets. 

In this scripture, which in difficult times gives me great comfort in times when I sense I am living a contradiction between that which I believe and that which I am living at times. We see this in the life, death and resurrection of Christ. We see the contradictions that made men stumble.

The first stumbling was that Yeshua, was given the subjection, an absolute, according to scripture, yet we still do not see it manifest. 

Very often we seem to be operating in Kingdom principles and ordinances but they are meeting great resistence. In some places we are seeing great enemy inroads and divisions in places.


The Scripture then comes in and says…but we see Jesus. 

We see Yeshua/Jesus. Look at the processes that we go through in Scripture that the flow of the prophetic stream takes Him to the Cross and beyond. Those processes are what the prophetic has to interpret for our every day life. 

What we see in Yeshua is a path laid out for us, that He trod first. He is called the author and perfecter of our faith! That is Hebrews 11. So He who put faith into motion, had to walk in it and consummate its finality. 

So it seems logical that if Jesus mapped out a path for us…we must also walk in it. Yeshua taught that all who would follow Him must take up their own cross and follow…and that seems to be a requirement. There are those who think that the cross they must take up must be a sickness or a disability of some sort. No, I do not not necessarily think that can be the case. I believe the Cross is the process by which we walk humiliation and death, and obscurity, non recognition to achieve the kind of humility and quiet recognition of the Lordship of Christ and the cost of our Call in the midst of all the prices we must pay to fulfil the Will of God. 

It is NEVER ABOUT THE GIFTING but the person who receives it. This means that the gift must shine out of the weakness of the vessel and its humility of recognising and giving glory for its weakness and letting God be God.

Yeshua went to His own, but they received Him not. But those who did receive Him, were given Power to become the sons of God…John 1. Another path to walk.


And Yeshua was transfigured only to be in a conversation with Elijah and Moses concerning the type of death He would suffer at the religious leaders…rejection and betrayal.

Yeshua suffered all manner of pain and emotional detachment as well as spiritual detachment from the Father. This afforded Him the right to enter heaven and sit at His Right Hand.

When we consider this, we then see that the contradiction concerning all this being ALREADY subject to Him, from heaven’s perspective it already has. However the human heart must SUBMIT TO IT. This is the prophetic flow that Jesus walked in, and lived out. We must live it out now. In this life all the time throwing off the temptation for affirmation and recognition by natural means.

This means that the Work of the Cross of Christ must be firmly installed into us in our submission unto Him.

The contradiction therefore lies in us and the Church. The scripture tells us in Romans that the whole of Creation groans for the MANIFESTATION OF THE SONS OF GOD. We are the ones who have yet to manifest as what God has destined us for, hence the lack of subjection is a deliberate or careless ignorance of our true destiny and identity in Him.

So the prophetic flow of Yeshua, flows to the Cross to bring finality and flows FROM the CROSS to bring unity of the dimensions to which earth and heavens will exist without division in the new creation. I sense with Paul’s reference to the MANIFESTATION OF THE SONS OF GOD, there is a link between this and the wrapping up of the earth and the new creation that comes hereafter.

So the prophetic flow from Yeshua night and day speaks of this manifestation before the Father. It is up to us, to throw off the contradiction and move into this prophetic declaration from the heavens to our destiny with Him.

The contradiction lies as we do not conform to stepping into the path Yeshua laid out and live the way He designed.



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