The Connection between Melchizedek, David and Yeshua: Yeshua the Prophet, when dreams and aspirations are brought to nought.


“Concerning Jesus of Nazareth, which was a prophet mighty in deed and word before God and all the people: And how the chief priests and our rulers delivered him to be condemned to death and have crucified him. But we trusted that it had been he who should have redeemed Israel…” Luke 24: 19-21

Much expectation! That is the crux of the passage I quote above. But we trusted!!!

How many times we also said those words about leaders who we trusted would bring changes into our localities. How many times we planned our own ministry because we trusted that it was what God wanted! 

And in the end all of the aspirations and dreams all went up in smoke.

You see what was the issue with the disciples was that they were seeing Jesus’ (Yeshua’s) words through the spectacles of their own ambitions and aspirations. They heard Kingdom as a physical Kingdom which would defeat the Roman occupation and be one which they were all contemplated. 

However had Peter James and John listened intently on the Mount of Transfiguration they would have heard the plan, which was to be orchestrated in Jesus’ death. The whole affair not only caused a consternation across the nation, but in the disciples it demolished all their dreams.

What Jesus are you seeing today? Are you seeing Him through the spectacles of your own agenda? Your own ambition? Your own belief system?

Creation Windows

God has a way to demolish all of those. The prophetic flow does that! We read in Jeremiah 1 that he was called first to tear down.

Many prayer houses, rooms, people seeking for revival. Before we can receive the glory how much will God have to demolish before His true manifestation can come?

If our ministry reflects our ambition, our agenda, then Yeshua will be misrepresented and His mission confused.

Indeed when Yeshua was betrayed all who followed Him ran into hiding, and Peter denied Him 3 times.

cross of calvary

I was exhorting ministers recently about what an enemy of the Cross of Christ is. It is a plumbline of Yeshua Himself to us! The cross for the disciples was confusion, disallusionment, disappointment. It tore the very heart out of them…and the Temple was shaken, the curtain torn, and its priests exposed in their corruption and deception. Finally we got to know that the HOUSE WAS DEVOID OF GLORY!

This is what Yeshua does in His prophetic flow into our lives. He shakes us, and exposes our emptiness. He is doing something new. Before that new thing happens there is a tearing down.

Who loves this? Its uncomfortable and brings insecurity.

The two disciples on their way to Emmaus displayed their dismay. Yeshua came alongside, as He always does in our trials. Yet He explained and unveiled the hidden plan, which was not hidden had they had listened intently. They could not hear because Yeshua’s words were clouded by their own aspirations!

Yeshua was finally revealed at the Communion Table, breaking the bread, and eyes were opened. Not just opened that He had risen, but that the message that He unveiled had a spiritual and deep connotation.

So in all of this post, we must come back, and examine ourselves that we have not been blinded by our own ambitions. Some of us can make things happen without depending on the Spirit to do it.



The Spirit

Some of us have the means to buy and acquire without listening to where we apply what riches we may have.

Those days are coming to an end, because He is about to reveal His new Church. The torn curtain and the shaking will make the way to a Outpouring in the place where one faced defeat.

The Upper Room was a place of process. There Yeshua prepared His own for their most difficult hour. All hearts would be laid bare. It was then a place of hiding and a place of redefining things. The death of Yeshua laid waste their view of Him. It was there that Peter decided to return to Galilee to his old life.

How many of us have seen our ministry, Church, laid waste by various factors. I knew of a Church where the fivefold was almost flowing in its entirety, and power was flowing in the meetings, and a false prophet came in and broke up that team…and the Church almost died. 

How many have given up ministry and have returned to being salesmen and sales women? Back to the work, where they knew 9 to 5 they were engaged in earning money and back home to eat and watch TV and forget the passion of following Yeshua, because their hearts are still at the loss of the Cross, instead of looking at its gains.

It is said in the US that there are pastors who leave the ministry every day. They come out broken, broke, and beaten. They have lost their vision, because they became a slave to a religious system that the curtain has been drawn back to show emptiness.

We can go on. But there is hope. Yeshua comes alongside, and explains His TRUE MISSION to us, He comes to our COVENANT TABLE and covenants with us, and SHOWS HIS TRUE NATURE, HIS GLORY. We then see Him not just as a prophet but Lord of all.

There we return to our Jerusalem and see that His rising in our hearts via covenant means our earthly aspirations have been replaced by heavenly ones.

May Yeshua bring us to His TABLE OF COVENANT TODAY…may we see Him manifest!


One thought on “The Connection between Melchizedek, David and Yeshua: Yeshua the Prophet, when dreams and aspirations are brought to nought.

  1. Amen, may we see Him manifest. Yes, there are those who do have the means to acquire without seeking Him for every small detail while others must trust for every minute circumstance. Whether we are a widow with little, a king with much, or some place in between hearing from the Lord is of the utmost importance as to where our seed goes. If everyone did it would be a more balanced world.

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