Your idols my idols

Recently we saw, as we were living in Portugal for many many years how the Catholic Church there celebrates 13th May, in Fatima which is a centre of worship and veneration of Mary, of Fatima. There is a story mixed up in this devotion of an apparition at the beginning of the 20th Century. I saw the cities and villages there celebrating the various saints, the many processions, and images walking down the streets, with great expressions of devotion. We condemn this as “evangelicals” and “protestants.” We condemn the idolatry. However what we condemn, we may also be condemning ourselves. … Continue reading Your idols my idols

UK new Latter Rain

“Times of refreshing will come from the Presence of the Lord” Acts 3:19-21 The Lord is going to bless the UK as it is shortly 70 years since the UK supported the reformation of the state of Israel. The Lord brought to mind that 70 years is a leadership generation. The Captivity lasted 70 years to purify the people of God. The Lord is saying something is about to happen as intercessors pray. For there is going to be a major spiritual battle for the nation. For the intercessors have said ” surely it is time ” and it surely … Continue reading UK new Latter Rain