I Saw The Lord Part 6: The Weight of Glory 

I Saw The Lord Part 6: The Weight Of Glory

And one cried unto another, and said, Holy, holy, holy, is the Lord of hosts: the whole earth is full of his glory.

Isaiah 6:3 KJV
We continue to study our theme which is of being great encouragement within the discipline of meditation. 
We need to remember that Isaiah was a priestly prophet. He was well acquainted with the workings of the temple duties from the sacrifices in the outer courts, to the altar of incense in the holy place, the maintenance of the lampstand, and the most holy place where the Glory resides. 

So this vision is not far removed to Isaiah’s knowledge of what can happen in that dedicated temple. It is essentially the place where God meets with His Ordained Priests to minister atonement and covering for sin.

We must also remember that this temple is the same which Solomon built and dedicated in 2 Chronicles. We must cast our minds to how precise was the vision David received of the pattern of the Temple. And how precisely Solomon had to build it and fashion it. And we must transport this to our days where Jesus fashioned a temple not made with hands. 

So if the design is right and the attitude in all follows to the letter of God’s pleasing we have Glory. That which does not have Glory is not God’s house. 

The angels proclaimed the Holiness of God, here in Isaiah 6, making the distinction and the reactions to this: the shaking and the smoke. Today, if we proclaim His Holiness we will see a reaction. Many proclaim many things but they only produce goosebumps. 

The Glory is “Kadosh”: a weight. Nothing can stand. All must bow. And as we all bow we must also quieten our tongue from vain conversation stilling ourselves in such a situation. 

When Solomon made a covenant with God in dedication and service we see two things happen. We see the raining down of fire on the sacrifice. Nothing is left. No ashes. Nothing. After which the whole house fills with such glory that the priests bowed under the weight. Such was the confirmation that God had chosen the Temple in Zion. 

And in our days the New Testament calls us as living temples of the Spirit and a Royal Priesthood. And as we are the sacrifice consumed by fire, our house filling with glory is the confirmation that we are inhabited by a Holy God. 

The tragedy comes when this Temple of Solomon is broken down and Ezekiel cites the departure of the Glory in Ezekiel 11. 

Zerubbabel and Joshua make a new Temple in the restoration. What we know in history is that this Temple was torn down by Herod the Great and a new one was built, majestic in appearance but with no glory. We know this because scripture bears this out. We see that baby Jesus is not recognised by the priests in Luke 2. In Mark 11 the Temple instead of concentrating on spiritual matters had become a place of business. 

And when Jesus died on the Calvary the curtain was torn and the most Holy Place laid bare for all to see that what was once glorious was now merely a performance. Romans 10:3 says that Jesus presented an invisible Temple in Himself and yet it was rejected. What is logical is that after the tearing of the curtain and the laying bare they would with their own hands repair and hide like Adam covering his nakedness. 

History records that this Temple was destroyed by Titus in 70AD and until today remains a ruin. 

So many lessons from history tell us that we have become living stones to make up a spiritual house. However, if our Temple is without the weight of glory and the raining down of fire consuming our sacrifice of Romans 12, so we too will be laid bare.

So many Churches were founded in Wales during the 1904 revival. Today they are chapels turned into houses and businesses. Their congregations scattered and their songs long silent. 
The chapel of Azusa Street Los Angeles was a shell of a place. Their seats were planks of wood on kegs. Yet the Glory of God descended on a small congregation and thousands who felt and heard of God there went there to meet with Him. 
Today we can hang onto places and buildings but we are the stones that make up the Temple of God. Revelation 1.6 says we are priests offering up services that move heaven and create a reaction here on earth.

So the question to ask is if you are part of that Temple not made with hands but with the spirit? Can you see the fire burn up your sin? Is the Glory making you bow in humility?

Deep down we know the answer….


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