New Series; The 5th Gospel part 1: Being in the right spiritual place on the Lord’s Day 

​What is the 5th Gospel?  The 4 Gospels show the birth and ministry of Jesus on the earth.  Revelation shows Jesus role in His Ascended and Glorified state in heaven. Therefore as we see what Jesus did in the earth through the 4 Gospels we now see in Revelation what Jesus is now doing in His Glorified state. Hence Revelation can be regarded as a Gospel, good news of Jesus’ glorified heavenly ministry.    The purpose of this ministry site is not to churn out messages, for the sake of publishing them. The site was founded principally to relay the … Continue reading New Series; The 5th Gospel part 1: Being in the right spiritual place on the Lord’s Day 

New structures of the posts

I have been sending out posts which for some are of a level that for some may be far advanced. One must publish what God gives but at the same time must also direct and adjust his message between those of various levels of maturity.  Therefore I am going to open 2 new categories. One being Scholar of the Word, the other Student of the Word. The scholar is well learned and the material there will be at that level. Meanwhile the Student level will have access to the same Word but broken down into palatable Word bites.  Therefore from … Continue reading New structures of the posts

Today the Day of the Lord

Today is God’s opportunity to do something new, It is the Lord’s Day  because He says He is the “I am” meaning that He in the Present is ready to bring you into greater knowledge.  Wherever and however we are today God is waiting to bring changes as we contemplate that He is the source of all that we are and all that we have. Paul said “Pray without ceasing ” as it is those prayers that are poured out before God on the incense altar of heaven.  So today instead of grabbing for this: May we first connect and … Continue reading Today the Day of the Lord