New Posts in Portuguese

        For a long time I have published articles in English. I spent 15 years in Portugal and shared precious fellowship with ministries in Portugal and also ministries in Brazil, having a spiritual identification of the same revelation and move of the Lord until today means it is right “to me and the Holy Spirit” that the Portuguese language be represented. God is using Portugal and Brazil again as spiritual discoverers who will discover and plant their feet in new spiritual territory.  Much crisis characterised both Brazil and Portugal ultimately. Economically they have passed through great affliction and … Continue reading New Posts in Portuguese

Messages here explained

The messages you read here are a summary of what I come to ascertain. I believe the Word so rich that I believe God wants to enrich you as He has me. I am nothing but a mere vessel in His Hands. We must take no credit from Him.  These messages are teachable to groups in even greater detail so that what is ascertained spiritually can be received and we can all be transformed into a greater dimension of His Glory. So we are praying when and where we can teach these things.  The horizons are determined not by our … Continue reading Messages here explained