Pascal Week Part 4: It is finished!!!


The exclamation of Jesus on the Cross as He gave His last breath: IT IS FINISHED. This exclamation marks the end of the physical part of the work of Calvary. Of course we have celebrated Good Friday, and moving toward the glorious celebration of the Easter Day. Resurrection Day.

I have been meditating on what to write at this time, as you may have understood that the posts on this site never fall into a definable pattern. God inspires and moves to write. I struggled with the fact that yesterday I could not write, but God reassured me that this was His doing and I was to rest in that.


We have to first see the Cross of Calvary placed into the Fabric of Eternity to understand the context of every covenant and every time God has dealt with man with the flow to the Cross and flow FROM the cross. We must place that Cross at the pinnacle of the DEFINING MOMENT OF ETERNITY PLACED IN TIME. It is the one moment that resolves all the fall and its consequences in the past and resolves all the future destiny of every human being ever alive in any generation.

When we consider the process of the Cross, the betrayal, the trial, the flogging, the nailling, the wailing, the mocking, the struggle, right to the last moments of life, and then the consequences of that death, the darkness, the earthquake, the opening of the tombs, the torn curtain, we see defining moments that change the way people thought. We no longer see anyone mocking Jesus after He drew His last breath. We see the Centurion beat his breast and acknowledge that this was a righteous man.


When Jesus exclaimed to all: It is finished, the work of the flesh, sin, and death was immediately broken over men. And so in death Jesus began a new work. Ephesians 4 graphically alludes to a figurative descent which would resolve the eternal question, what would happen to the saints who could not access the Grace of the Cross, and were only covered in life for sin, but not atoned for? Jesus had to descend to resolve this issue. The first issue was to meet the devil in this realm, however we would like to understand it, whether it be literal or figurative. The reality is, something happened in those shadowy moments between His Death and His rising again.

The keys of death, were as much important as having the keys to life, in that he who holds the keys to death, governs the way people die, and what their destiny is in their ignorance and shame. These keys had been robbed from man in the fall, and Jesus did take them from the devil. He was stripped of all authority that was delegated to him (exousia, 2nd level of power and authority), and no longer did the eternal destiny of man reside in the curse of Adam, but the blessing of the 2nd Adam. This is the first work in Jesus’ descending ministry.

The taking of that authority means that now the legality of freeing all the prisoners in those dark realms resided in hearing Jesus and believing, applying the fuller covenant. How these dead heard is a mystery. But free they were, to ascend and take their heavenly position.

So in Jesus experiencing the separation of spirit and body as all men have done in ages since the fall, Jesus made it possible for all men to experience eternal life.

What we see in the physical is the abolition of fleshy and religious works, the stage is set for the spiritual to take position. There are freedoms acquired, ready to be applied and manifest. The work of the Cross reaches into the darkest realms, and up to the heavens, the Cross turning into a type of Tree of Life, we see in Revelation 22.

Not that we divorce the different aspects of the work of Calvary, but in distinction they form a powerful panorama.

Therefore for us meditating on this message, we need to apply personally: IT IS FINISHED.

We sometimes allow faulty doctrine concerning sickness and demonic activity to cloud our judgment regarding in what we are living. We give too much place to sickness to condition us…whereas we need to acknowledge the absolute, God desires us healed and whole. However the process for that depends on the individual walk with God. And how these truths are applied.

The devil has no authority but has power and ability. His only dominion now is to rule with deception and bring us out of faith into fear. Jesus stripped him of all authority and has yet to take his power….that is future. So we cannot focus on what the devil is doing, we need to apply what Jesus has done, past tense…it is done…it is finished. We need to apply that every day. In every hour. We however, must never underestimate the devil’s ability to deceive and bring us back into bondage. The truth however frees us to take possession of the land, in the spirit, which Jesus had bought for us.

Indeed, all has finished that divides us from the Father, we have constant access to the very heavenly realms, by applying the work of Calvary. The work in the unseen brings a manifestation in the Spirit which is increasingly transitioned to this physical realm, until He comes to us, and for us, so that with Him, we will roll up this age, and the work of Calvary be fully manifest in the earth.


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