The Pascal Week part 5: Resurrected Body

The Bible is quite plain that the risen Body of Jesus was glorified with a glory of new life. The Lord knew no limits with this Body.

He could appear and disappear at will. He did not tire nor was confined to the laws of nature.

Jesus was demonstrating that His Church would be glorified with new life starting with the Outpouring of the Spirit. Jesus was taken from them and He asked the Father to send the Spirit to bring forth His Body in the earth.

yet what we see is contradictory to what is the spiritually real.

How is that?
1. Spiritual truths are not being received and applied due to demonic interference.
2. Spiritual truths are not received because of tradition.
3. Spiritual truths are not sought after due to lives lived in the flesh.

What we need to always pray for is the action of the Father to raise up a generation that lives solely in the spirit knowing that they are temporarily living here.

Just as Jesus demonstrated His Lordship in His risen Body may He demonstrate that same power in us His Church.


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