Europe in the midst of terrorist war

I really had a visitation from the Lord last week and what was curious was the source from which it came. It did not come from the Word but came from a film that I love.

I am not saying that the French government should not seek out the perpetrators of this attack last week.  Rather as well the call to “light the beacons” was a call to the Church to mobilise a prayer chain very powerful to spark off a revival. The revival and visitation of God would attack the ideology behind radicalisation.  As it is I sense we are all distracted by the media to depend upon police and government power to resolve the issue.

The fact is terrorists who have been deceived into the ideology are blowing themselves up rather than surrendering to the forces of justice. 

I reiterate again that unless WE grasp the notion that the “language of war” has now become the bedrock of the state of things right now we shall see a “strange fire” burning in many European cities.  This ideology will not be eradicated just by warfare and intelligence.  Rather the visitation of God will resolve matters.

There is a lot spoken about the responsibility of religion in the attacks and I can see if that argument bears weight we will see a rising up of a humanist and atheist movement across Europe which will be far more damaging. The fact is if we do not heed now the call to concerted prayer the outcome will be that because of our non action in the spirit we will be letting in greater dangers than what we have now.

Let us ask the Lord to bring a Europe wide revival.


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