The Reason for the Season part 1: new beginnings


We have arrived at the most wonderful of seasons; Christmas.

Tonight the yearly ritual happens. We take out the decorations and light up the dark nights with lights . And it is exactly what happened when Yeshua arrived. It was a dark time and Yeshua came as a light.

I think the Gospel stories are woven beautifully but it is Luke 2 that captures the small beginnings which paved the way for a vibration that even caught the attention of the King.

The vibration was caught by those who were prepared by God to understand that something big was about to happen that was unheard of . The Consolation of Israel was about to be manifest. All knew that their downcast misfortunes were about to change. But only those who knew the scripture would know the form which this Consolation would come. 

Luke 2 focuses on 2 people. SIMEON and Anna. Both people more than devoted to their God. Full of the Spirit. Filled and inspired by something unseen but by faith they touch and involve themselves in an unseen yet wonderful season about to break forth in great natural and supernatural signs.

The Christmas story is as much rich when you take into the account the preparation involved. For us too…the feast is wonderful to prepare. Without preparation nothing is accomplished.

The preparation was going on in Jerusalem and the word passed and prayer went up as expectation rose.

From these small beginnings came in the King of Glory to the earth.

What small beginnings need to take place in our lives to see the King of Glory manifest?

Is it not time in a world full of darkness that we become part of heaven’s vibration to prepare the way in prayer and meditation knowing that the time is right?

Christmas is about preparation and is about recognising the smallest signs.

Only those who walk by the Spirit; in the revelation of the Spirit do see and recognise the form which God will manifest.

Will you?

Next time we will look at the Biblical meaning of Consolation.



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