Difference between a right message and impacting lives

Just having the right message is sometimes bordering on rhetoric when we do not see the message become living through structure which activate your message into daily life.  That is why we need the apostle and the apostolic dimension at work.  Many government came to power based on their message. But in practice was empty words based on a pursuit for power.  And this is where motivation connects the preacher to the power that transforms. If our motive is anything else than a passion to transmit life changing principles to build Kingdom then we fall into political rhetoric which has … Continue reading Difference between a right message and impacting lives

The highest form of justice; forgiveness

Forgiveness is a supernatural ability to release other human beings from being the object of our anger and dismay so that they may reflect. It is also the release of processes of divine justice upon all that pertains the dark realm.  When we have been betrayed , maligned and lied about we can feel the desire that the other party might taste the bitterness of what they dish out to others!  Forgiveness must be our first divine enabling if we desire to progress deeper into the things of God. Forgiveness is a letting go of desiring our own idea of … Continue reading The highest form of justice; forgiveness


Today the social media is full of immediate happenings of things which could be and should be. Eschatology and the moons; as well as the various “signs” that we should all take note.  The greatest sign of the end is in one word: immediatism where now is the king of all times. Now: where my comfort must be realised Now: where my suffering must disappear Now: where my poverty must depart Now: where my work must cease It is the spirit of the age. And it has infiltrated all our mindset. So much so that we live in the most … Continue reading Immediatism