The Wedding at Cana: Part 2 My hour has not yet come…

This is the second part of our new series. The study of Jesus’ first miracle is indicative of the way that Jesus operates in our lives. We must take note of the pillar principles in the story.

The first thing we note in the narrative and John makes a point: Mary the mother of Jesus was there…

Mary would be a key person in the miracle. She knows who Jesus is, and what He will do. This is because wherever Jesus is, when there is a crisis He comes with His Solution.


The first thing we see is Mary alert Jesus as to the scandal that had just broken out, “They have no wine

Now in Israel weddings usually lasted around 7 days, so there had to be an abundance, and not to have, is either that one was poor or was very careless in the planning. Either way there was the potential to experience shame.

Jesus makes a question to His mother: “why do you bring this problem to me? My time has not yet come. ”

This is a double barrelled question.

“Who do you think I am to resolve your problem?” This is a challenge…Mary knew who Jesus was, and knew the potential that was present.

Today Jesus asks you: why are you bringing me into your problem? Who do you believe I am?

We need to be SURE WHO JESUS is, any doubt short circuits your miracle.

Then Jesus says to His mother: My time has not yet come!

Jesus has a timing in every situation. Mary was wise to see that Jesus would command something, and it seems from the narrative that Mary is always one step ahead in the circumstances. I think probably Mary had acquired a wisdom that caused her to see that preparation for a miracle is as important as the miracle itself.


Jesus’ timing in every miracle is different. But it is never TOO LATE nor is TOO EARLY. However the preparation of our hearts, our confidence in Jesus’ presence, our confidence in what He commands through His Word causes us to be ready when His Timing is right.

We read in John 11, a pinnacle miracle in the ministry of Jesus, that when Jesus heard that Lazarus was sick, stayed another two days. We also read the careful narrative of John, who emphatically states that Jesus loved Lazarus. Jesus loves us…but His Timing has nothing to do with the fundamental commitment of love Jesus has for us, it has to do with bringing Glory to the Father. It is to challenge our humanity, that our limitations are Jesus’ opportunity to confront us with the fact we need to go beyond the mind’s limitation. We need to embrace the unlimitted resources of eternity.

And it is here that Jesus’ authority extends beyond the grave into the mysterious realms of eternity where was Lazarus and call him back. But the timing was precise. Everyone had given up…everyone had reverted back into their “religious learning.”

Jesus said: “He will rise again.”

The reply was: “yes, we learned in the synagogue that this will one day happen.”

But Jesus challenged their learning to believe FOR SOMETHING NOW.

Are you giving up today what you had believed for a while? Are you reverting your faith on what you learned? Jesus challenges you today to believe for a MIRACLE NOW!!!

Jesus’ timing has something to do with breaking our natural control and bring us into submission to His Lordship to recognise that He is all powerful and in Him all things are subject. 


So when Jesus shows us prophetically that His Time had not yet come we must prepare because we should know where He is present, in the time of our need He will come to do something miraculous.

Be rest assured that His Hour has come…is Hour is now…therefore He shall Glorify the Father in your situation…this is our faith, this is our preparation and this is the key to apply that “Hour” in our lives.


When His Hour came, said John, He showed His Glory…and they saw Him for He was…and so it be for us, when His Hour comes, we shall see Him…

So when your wine has run out…when the finances have gone…when the health has gone…believe that He will come to show His Glory…


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