The Wedding at Cana: Part 1 Invitation to Jesus

I am starting a new series today, because it seems the Lord has made a shift in my spirit.

“On the third day there was a wedding, it took place in Cana of Galilee, Jesus’ mother was there. Jesus and His Disciples were also invited.” John 2:1-2

What is the context of these messages?

How Jesus operates in our lives in the miraculous. 

When there is lack, when there is a need we need to examine scripture, particularly this narrative as it is key to having a glimpse into the way Jesus operates.

The first thing we must note, we must invite Jesus into our lives, into the events which mark our lives. 

Without the invitation to share in our lives there can be no miracle.


Jesus was invited because God knew there was about to be a crisis. When we look at the global plan of God, we know that God from eternity knew that there was going to be a place when God would be SEPARATED from the affairs of men. It is here that God is always involved based on our invitation! 

This is what salvation is all about, it is our faith that makes us make that invitation to the Saviour to enter into every part and fabric of our lives.

The invitation is not only a one time event, it must be a daily occurrence. The reason is, that we are ALWAYS presented with issues and situations which demand that Jesus be invited and involved.


That is God designed the Christian Life to be a constant demand on our faith. And I must add that our faith is given as a part of our salvation, it is a gift, a connection which causes us to connect with the heavenly realms. Now what we contrast is that today can be stressful and a friction in our affairs, because we did not right at the outset, invite Jesus. Whilst we are seeing a narrative about a wedding, it can be any event, happy occasion, a challenge which we need Jesus to be involved. Without which we are left to our own designs and destiny.

So when we are believing God for the miraculous we must first invite Jesus, and then rest that He will act in any given eventuality.

This series is to share keys of the miraculous with you. There are keys in this passage that can revolutionise our Christian life and cause us to see miracles where there was no possibility. You want healing, need provision? Then study with me.


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