The New Jerusalem: Part 1; the power of origin

The Lord has been birthing this message in my heart quite a while. With intense discussion on social media concerning Israel and what the Gaza conflict means there has been much discussion concerning Israel’s place in the Plan of God.

This series is not an apologia concerning this issue because argument profits little and no one comes out convinced or transformed from a argument based upon subjective perspectives. Rather I would like to present a prophetic perspective to stir your thinking. It is not to be a series to CONVINCE but REVEAL.


Rather what I would like to meditate on is the subject from Prophetic scripture concerning the New Jerusalem. One may wonder at its practical outworking but as we study together one will see how integrated this new City is into our being.  It is not some future mirage but a reality already established and is set in time to descend.


The fact it is the New Jerusalem means that Israel is a place consistent in God’s eternal plan. God revealed to Abraham the purpose of his desert walk. Hebrews 11 shows us why Abraham left a corrupt community called Ur. What God was about to show Abraham was the power of community. But a city. That city was yet to be taken.  A city without a river. A city to be an eternal example.
Was to be a city of priests unto God
Was to be a city of the Shekinah glory of God.
Was to be a city of Kings
Was to be a city of prophets
Was to be a city of worship

What a city God had in mind! For some part in history it reached some of these aspects.

It was to be an eternal city. And if God chose Jerusalem it means that even now God has a plan.

When we talk of the Israeli and Palestinian problem we can embark on a political and historical perspective but we miss what God is wanting to show the earth.

Before Joshua took the cities the Commander in Chief of the armies of heaven appeared to the conquering Hebrews. When Joshua asked if the armies had come to assist him the Commander made Joshua understand that it was he that must position to assist in implementing heaven’s agenda.


So it is today. We do not argue or pray for Jerusalem with the HUMAN POLITICAL AGENDA because like this we descend onto the CONFLICT LEVEL.

Regarding Jerusalem it is God’s model and it has been established as the city that has to shape world destiny and whoever fights and enters the realm of political conflict and ideological conflict will not be included in its destiny.  God means to reveal eternal purposes and from its earthly counterpart bring down from perfection, from intention, from eternity the perfected Jerusalem with its walls, gates, Temple and tree, and it’s river.

So our role is to pray peace because He who is the Prince of Salem (shalom) (Yerus-shalom) shall bring in perfection. Jerusalem is not the end of destiny but the beginning.

It’s origin is not man made, it is divine. It is not just about a people, but a plan. Our responsibility is to be enlightened to this eternal design and plan and by faith live out this faith with the fear of God.

As well as being a spiritual place yet to be revealed it is shrouded in principles built into its very fabric.


Because it’s origin is divine it’s manifestation will be. And as our lives align with the same material that it is built we shall have the right to dwell within its walls.

It’s not about the preservation of a place or people but the preservation of the vision revealed in God’s Word.

In this series we will see how this New Jerusalem integrates unto our daily life!


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