The New Jerusalem: Part 2 Gates of Covenant

The vision John relates as being the New Jerusalem or the Bride,symbolises two groups; Israelites and those in Christ/Messiah.


The city is described but two aspects remain clear; the gates and the foundations. The Gates are symbolic of the 12 tribes. The foundations are the 12 apostles of the Ecclesia.


Today we are going to look at the 12 gates and their significance. They are entry points. They are also symbolic of aspects of covenant.

In understanding covenant we must understand that God extends covenant to us not us to Him. He sets out the TERMS,the MEANS,the VEHICLE. When God extends covenant He is acting on His own volition. We see Jacob the younger chosen over the elder Esau. Here we see how God’s choice bore fruit. Esau fights the choice but has to submit.

The most startling example is Ishmael and Isaac. Ishmael is conceived from natural processes and Isaac from divine ones. Ishmael is conceived of a slave and Isaac of a wife. God blesses Ishmael but covenant is extended to Isaac. Blessing is just limitted to this realm yet covenant is eternal and extends into the spiritual realms.


So we see that our entry point is when God Himself extends the heavenly ladder. We cannot call out,fast for it,pray. It is on God’s initiative.

That is the difference between religion and living really walking with God. The entry points are clear. Today they come through the Messiah who fulfils the Promise to the 12 tribes in Himself. He who puts His faith in Him immediately comes into that covenant. That covenant was conceived in Yeshua,lived out in Yeshua,crucified in Yeshua,raised up in Yeshua.

The thing we must do is observe that covenant. Value it,live it,and be prepared to die for it. That way we immediately enter into that Eternal Community where God and man dwell together in perfection.

In my next message we shall examine the meaning of each gate and its significance.



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