Voice in the Wilderness Part 2: Departing from the Comfortable

When you consider the situation of occupation and the relationship the Sanhedrin had to create to continue to exist there had to be an exchange of interests. Those were:
1. Submission to promote the Roman cause.
2. Authority based on the guarantee that they would strongly advocate submission to dissuade even with the penalty of death the submission to the occupation.

For all it was a win win situation.  It was one that bred corruption at the heart of the spiritual leadership of the land.


Why do you think Caiaphas made that fantastic prophetic statement that it was preferable that Jesus die for all than all perish for a “revolutionary”.

It is that spiritual status quo that God never blesses. It is this status quo that enables the antichrist elements shape the corruption of the Gospel message.

And you come to the reason why the separation John had to make geographically and spiritually. As son of a priest it would have been natural for John to follow.  But following the convention would mean he would have had to accept the status quo which was brokered at the top.


This status quo would automatically disqualify who would subscribe to its system as Jesus would demonstrate throughout his ministry. The priesthood being the opposition to everything that could affect the false peace brokered by the leadership.

John opted to separate himself and lived in the deprivation denying himself the comforts that came with the priestly office.  He was dressed with a robe which grated against the skin, contrasting with the fine robes the priests wore. Eating things in a desert place unthinkable to the common man.

What was the overriding conviction  that led him to live in this deprivation?

It was that as he turned away from the objects that could disqualify him, so he could partake of the changes which God was quietly bringing in. These changes would bring an end to all the neo spiritual structures which for convenience served the interests of a pagan people for its own survival. Hence a earthly vision.

What John saw was a dove alighting on a man and God telling him that this sign was that the Messiah had come to bring change. This means that his vision was always to where that dove would descend. And that dove was no bird that he could be accustomed rather it was the Spirit that had led him each day, speaking of things which no man of his day could comprehend.

What John also knew was that his mission and his location was not spurious notion of a crazy man. It had been spoken out 700/800 years before in the mouth of Isaiah the prophet. 


Making these connections prophetically in the Spirit is key to the success of the cause which you are in. John came to comprehend the nature of his call. To call out for those who had been prepared. Zacharias his father prophesied after the Holy Spirit loosed his tongue and filled him so that revelation way beyond normal knowledge was prophesied out. How wonderful that filling was!!!

Zacharias saw John’s generation being breathed upon with a spirit which would resist the temptation to inspire political revolution but embrace inner transformation.
The people would be ready and the Voice that came from the wilderness would not be just John’s but the Spirit which breathed through him.


It would call and who was made ready by the Spirit would know from WHERE the place was of transformation was.  It was not coming from the Temple but coming from a wasteland.  They wanted to follow their ears and see what manner of man who spoke differently. They wanted to know if God was about to change their fortunes as He had done so many times.

John turned the attention  away from himself. So that in doing so the people would have their focus and expectancy that God was doing something beyond a mere man’s proclamation that impacted them. For one so deprived gains authority in heavenly places; for he who severs earthly desires becomes moved by heavenly ones. How that we need leaders today who can turn the attention away from themselves! All true leaders who impact society never live long!

And so John makes the choice that even today we feel the impact of. Separation from the politics and comforts of this world!

Are you ready for this call?


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