The Torn Curtain: Exclusion to Inclusion

This series in our study of the Torn Curtain has been challenging as well as inspiring. It can be used in a kind of spiritual retreat in that we can withdraw from the activity to invest in the arts contemplation and meditation .


In this we can focus on scripture in a way we would not usually. That way God can take us into the depths we would only usually skim over.

In the theme, I have been able to glimpse what our future holds and for those who are included in the extension of grace it is glorious. For those who are extended mercy there is a temporary time to make amends before God finalises what he set out to do.

We must conclude that whatever God does in the Spirit dimension becomes manifest in the physical.

We see at the time of the Curtain being rent asunder was also the exclusion of all to the Glory and Grace of God. The rending asunder signified the inclusion of all who will into a privileged place. Free access to the Presence of God.

Taken away are the limitations. And religion does just that, limit and cut down the opportunities available. It is a powerful weapon of the devil, to deceive from within, so that what was meant to be all inclusive and free becomes bogged down in rules and protocol.

But there is no mistaking it. God tore the division down. The order of priesthood was now open for a collective and a people.


1. Exclusion becomes inclusion, inclusion becomes exclusion .
Indeed the mystery of Scripture of God’s ways are beyond fathoming when we are not learned of the Lord! Here is the meaning; those who were excluded became included, and those who were included became excluded. That is those who were excluded were the common people.  Those who were not of a priestly line through Christ were brought into the Royal Priesthood. 1 Peter 2:9. We were given access to this grace by faith. Ephesians 2. Faith is the medium by which we enter. We enter into the Royal order by simply accepting the finished work of Calvary.  The curtain represents sin. It’s power of separation was taken away.
But those who were included became excluded because they rejected the way of entry by faith because mechanically they had a lifestyle of sacrifices and law. How the human nature can be so resistent to change! And how crazy can we be to change to extremes.


What I mean is that we have come into some sort of realisation  that we have rejected order and extremes have come into the Church community. That is where abuses have come in because we have thrown off the decency of order.

Two types of people have appeared in the world. Those stuck in the past and those so radically out there.  This is what happened with Eli ‘ s sons and Samuel ‘ s sons that they threw off all restraints. Even pastors children today are noted for being the worst behaved!

So what is the answer? The answer is look at how God transitions His People. He takes years. To make a man of God is can take God 40 or more years to mould a character. So changes in perception, changes in direction are never sudden. They happen over time.

But those stubbornly stuck in old ways, not submitted to the Spirit end up excluded.

NUMBERS 14 is a classic example of being forgiven but excluded.  They were never to taste of the Promised Land even though they were forgiven. Their pontual response to the challenge, their attitude to God’s Word; forgetting His mighty acts; rejecting the priesthood; meant they were barred from receiving the promise. 

To receive it then they had to physically enter in! For us we are only asked to enter in by faith! Because our land is not a visible and physical land but a spiritual one which one day will descend from heaven for all to see!

We who were not became- and those who were, disappeared. Compare Isaiah 40. The mountains were brought LOW and the valleys were LIFTED UP. THROUGH CHRIST WE COME INTO AN EQUALITY OF DESIGN AND DESTINY!

2. Exclusion or inclusion is a matter of faith
The only thing that diferentiates is faith. Not just believing but acting on an extended personal covenant. We often quote the Scripture that faith comes by hearing…but what are we hearing?  Rote teaching? 1 John says we need not teach the learned! What do I mean?

1 John says we were given an anointing so no man may teach us! Does that mean we know it all? No. It means that all what we do teach is already a Reality within us. So our teaching is really activating what is in us by realisation and perception .


Interesting when we consider how we have always done it! 

The LORD extends to us a personal covenant in Him. That is the Word we are hearing!!!

It is acting on that personal covenant that determines our inclusion and entry into our promises.

The curtain is the start point to where form ends and faith begins.

Today are you still following the form or faith?


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