The Torn Curtain: Example

Matthew is the only Gospel that records this event because he was the most Jewish in his projection of his Gospel. This is not to say John was not Jewish but his gospel focused more on that which Jesus said and taught than merely His Acts.
The lessons to be learned is that the Torn Curtain is the final act of substitution and transfer of anointing and authority. The Glory had now passed to what would become the Ecclesia. 
1. Called out ones
2. Different ones

The Torn curtain is the culmination of the process of passing from one structure to another. It means that God does nothing quickly in its process however it’s culmination comes suddenly. There passes 40 years from when the temple is laid bare and it’s torn Curtain lays bare the fact that the House in this construction never had a glory.

In this message we need to examine the example of the type of Leadership which governed the Jews at that time. We need to draw some parallels in some sectors today. Some observations you will read here are my own personal convictions and I encourage you to search out your conclusions.

Example 1: Leadership was ignorant of God’s ways.
We take our base text from Romans 10:3. It seems throughout Jesus’ ministry and throughout the time the Ecclesia was founded the current leadership wanted to keep the status quo. They were men pleasers.  They knew the time for revolution was ripe, they knew that only a survival strategy would be to please their Roman oppressors. They knew that if they “rocked the boat” their comfort and status was in danger. 
What did they love more than live comfortably. It was preferable to go about the mechanism of spiritual service than make a break from the spiritual oppression.

It is obvious today that certain lobbies are amassing power in political circles. Whilst our minds are distracted to obvious atrocities abroad it is the silent ones that are taking place in the government houses across the world. When we then inform ourselves professing certain conviction can warrant legal action and even prison. It is almost becoming illegal to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ without the lobbies amassing against pillar truths that affect these evil powers in the celestial realms. Therefore our enemy is using and wielding a judicial weapon that we need to wake up to. The leadership will know of this but they will be more prepared to politely skirt the issues than make the differences.

So what is ripe is God working OUT SIDE the structure that has been recognise able for years.  Even in the Old Testament also cited by Paul is the fact that God will call and move upon those who are not.

Because of personal ambition, position, love of money, the current leadership will be blinded to the new thing that God will do.

Is it not obvious beyond all the symbols the Bible shows us, that it is through the financial system that the beast will rise up? Is it not through this that God’s real remnant will be counted as those who one day will break away from dependence on the world system? We need to see about how enmeshed we are to see if we too will go the way of the devil if our ambition and comfort are threatened.

And because the leadership of the day are blind so the day comes when physical structures will be overrun. Only this week we see a faith other than Christianity finding expression in the “heart” of so called Christianity.  And whilst our education tells us to respect other faiths, our message cannot be compromised under the banner of common decency.

Before long what will we see? The state will determine what expression a congregation will have and will be supported by leaders who for fear or ambition will obey principles contrary to the Bible.

Example 2: the leadership will be used to execute God’s purposes yet not partake of God’s nature.

Frightening concept. What happened in Jesus’ day was that the high priest prophesied without knowing it about Jesus’ death and they were manipulated into collusion because of their status quo with the “oppressor” of their day. However above all their betrayal God designed it that Jesus should die. But 40 years later that same sanhedrin was spread over the nation’s as the Romans came in to destroy the Temple and parts of the city. It is not that all went the way of the majority but it is a known fact from history about what happened in 70AD. 

We can be in a position where we do not live for God but His purposes for others can still be manifest in what we do or decide. I would rather walk with God than merely be used to fulfil His Purpose. I can even manifest gifts but if I have no walking with God it profits me nothing and my judgment comes one day.

Voltaire, French philosopher died a terrible death, cursing God, denying Him. He even said the Bible would be discredited and forgotten. He dies and his very house is used as a printing house for the Bible. Seems like God’s irony and glory manifest here. 

Could it be that the amount of abuses, both in leadership, the errors and heresies that abound is not weeding out those who are in Christianity for ambitious  and prestigious positions, and those who will be the remnant who will prevail to the end?

Example 3: the end is a process that finalises suddenly

Samuel prophesied to Eli at a very young age. Eli ‘ s response said everything.  If God will judge then am waiting! What Samuel did not know was that food became so rare for famine that priests would steal parts of the sacrifices to have their fill. Many years passed that both he and his sons profaned the holy things and yet the end was in process.  Samuel was growing and God was waiting.  It came suddenly, when God allowed the Ark to be taken, Hophni and Phineas slain, and when Eli heard the Ark had been taken also fell and broke his neck and died. Sudden end to an ending God warned about various times.

Jeremiah prophesied many times to Zedekiah about the impending invasion. Bringing counsel to submit to the Babylonian empire. Would he listen? No. He preferred to listen to the prophets prophesying prosperity and victory. Sound familiar?

When the end came Zedekiah ‘s sons were slain before him, and his eyes were gouged out. He was led a slave in chains to Babylon.

Why am I writing this way? Is because I sense the Lord alerting us that the time has come that things are about to change radically and for us to face these changes we must recognise the way God operates rather than rely on what faith/victory or what belief camp we belong to. We must see around using our own discernment and not be impressed by the crowd mentality.

The Ecclesia will become again an underground organism which goes underground because it cannot compromise that which makes it different and powerful.

The enemies of the Cross reject the results of rejecting it’s work of crucifying our flesh in this life so that we don’t burn in the next. But as we watch silently as tenets of our faith suffer discreditation by those who we once regarded as teachers we will slide into the world system full of deception. The system of “church” as we know it is about to be shaken as it wakes up to see how much silent legislation has been passed to tear down the walls of the stronghold called truth. Then it will have to decide between being respectable or be different.

The Torn curtain was the culmination of a long process which leaders did not see the signs; recognise the vessel He used to bring change and rejected the mode of that change because the fabric of their existence was not the tapestry of faith, but the weaving of a subtle deception!

Friends more to come!!!


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