The Torn Curtain: Expectation in a time of Transition

In my exploration of this theme I try to prophetically take lessons from history and apply them into the present.

Today I want to explore our response to EXPECTATION . This is the key to seeing the result of what we were waiting for.

The whole reason why I am publishing these messages about the TORN CURTAIN is because we can learn from what happened in the Temple the day Jesus died. The Glory was gone, the house was empty and exposed. And what was set in motion was a transition from a visible temple made with hands to one that the Spirit is building with those who give their lives to Christ.

The Torn curtain is the start of a transition which would last for 2000 years in which the Lord would expand the reach of the Gospel.

Today I want to touch on the role of expectation in the new thing God desires to do.

When you consider the Curtain tore was a shattering event and a rejection of a system that no longer served God and led people into deception.

1. Expectation of the Consolation of Israel : Luke 2

We read that Simeon was a man who had the
A) Holy Spirit upon him: a led life inspired by God.
B) Holy Spirit revealed to him; a life led by revelation.
C) the Holy Spirit led him; he was moved in action by divine objectives.

He knew was God was about to do. He came into a place of seeing hidden plans that the leaders of his day could not see.  He saw a spiritual revolution not a political one. And the Holy Spirit led him to Jesus.

Today there are many so called refreshing.  They call them revivals. But they do not lead them to Jesus.

We see in the narrative the depth of revelation in the life of Simeon as he saw the true Ecclesia. He saw much more than any other prophet ever saw. He saw the mystery of the Cross. This is the type of man that his expectation is in the changes God will bring about.

And many house groups and prayer groups were scattered over Jerusalem because the work of the Spirit was to reveal a massive change in the way people were to relate and worship God.

2. Expectation of the Entry and the Temple: Mark 11. A reflection on true faith

When we look at Mark 11 we see Jesus enter Jerusalem. It looked like the Messiah, but there were hidden messages that confounded both spiritual leaders and revolutionaries of the day.

In fact even today God is confusing many because He is moving with new significance.
I. Jesus on a donkey: signifying humility as a Servant King. In those days they looked for a revolutionary King. But got a servant King. Today all look for the humble servant king, but He that is coming is the Glorified King coming to crush His Enemies.
II. Jesus from Galilee: no one recognised Galilee as training for a Saviour and Lord. So it is with a new generation of leaders called in their “Galilee”.
III. Jesus healed on the sabbath: they saw him as a law breaker. Never recognised that He Himself was the Law made flesh to complete,  fulfil, and establish a new law, of the Spirit and Life.

So this confusion meant that only those who saw into the Spirit could understand and partake of the new thing of God.

When Jesus cursed the fig tree, after examining the temple, part of an important thread in the narrative. Jesus makes a first visit to the temple. He surveys how spiritual service was replaced by a market of financial gain. Then we see Jesus examine the fig Tree even though it was not in season. He curses it. It dries from the root.  It is prophetic about what was to happen.  We see Jesus go from the Outer Court to turn out the merchandise and in His death we see Him expose the emptiness of a glory – less house. This Temple was “supposed” to have a glory. But Jesus laid all bare.

So what are we saying? Our expectation cannot be in the structures we think that work. Jesus is rapidly preparing for His physical return. He will return in many forms and ways, and He will come and expose and raise up those who were thought of being unqualified. Our expectation must come from Him.

We must be like Simeon walking closely to the Spirit because He will cause us to recognise Jesus in the form He is today. Many may not see or hear. But God wants us to expect glorious changes. Many established forms and structures will pass away and new forms and leaders will come. 



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