Activating the Priesthood: the pattern on the mount

I want to give a logical progression to this series of messages concerning the Priesthood and how it was activated in Moses’ day.


The encounter of Moses on the mountain was to be the start of putting into place the intention of God for His people. 

He was to make a people into a nation of priests.

We see Moses first speak of this to the people who with their mouths accepted the challenge and call. But we see in Exodus 19 that the awful celestial reality challenged the spiritual “comfort zone.” They then asked Moses to become the person who would fulfil a task that God called a whole nation should fulfil.

Who knows if this is the reason why ministry and ministers are entering into exhaustion and sin. The reason is that what was ordained to be a corporate responsibility fell upon the few.


This issue precedes the reason Moses goes up the mountain for 40 days. It is a glorious mission which was opened up with great detail for Moses to apply with the children of Israel .

What we see is a pattern given.

1. Pattern of Priesthood
2. Pattern of Praise and worship
3. Pattern of Prayer
4. Pattern of Principle (Word)
5. Pattern of Presence.

1. Pattern of Priesthood;
Once Moses is given the structure HE is given the desire of God for His People. Particularly for Levi; whose named means joined. So God desires not a priesthood of performance but pleasure to be with the Lord! The Priesthood must represent God to the people; represent the people to God. And God gives instruction on how this happens;
A) through lineage
B) through covering
C) through service
We have lineage through the Blood of Jesus. We are covered by His Priestly ministry. We perform service borne out our joining to Him via the Blood and by adoption as sons. How wonderful this is!


So God’s priesthood is placed for power and impact breaking the limitation of sin and deception. Preparing ourselves and corporately our eternal destiny.

2. Pattern of Praise and Worship;
GOD designed the tabernacle as a journey into His Presence. From our sinful condition through to dwelling in the Glory. Praise and worship opens our heart to understand the objective of this pattern. It is to come into total surrender unto Him só that we die to the flesh and are living to the characteristics that our spirit dictates to the direction and attitude of our life.
Worship is not a song. It is an attitude.  Jesus Himself referred to this in John 4, describing the kind of worship the Father is looking for.

Our praise is what He has done for us, our worship is what He is for us! In this way we come to a place where our hearts and ears are open.

3. Pattern of prayer;
Prayer is simply a silent dialogue we have with God. I like to believe that prayer may start as spoken but steadily becomes a exchange between our spirit and God’s Spirit where words have no more meaning.


Prayer in the tabernacle was a burning on the altar. How much more God wants us to burn on that altar, so that as the incense we burn for Him producing a sweet perfume. So our understanding of prayer goes beyond petition but in a place of deep intimacy our needs are laid bare without us focusing in them!

4. Pattern of Principle (Word);
Before the inner veil is the table of shew bread.  It shows us how this Principle (logos) opens our understanding to draw near with good knowledge in the ways of God.

We remember David’s attempt to bring the Ark to Zion, how he copied the way of the Philistines to transport the Ark and how it failed. 

Only when he went back to the “Principle” did he understand his error and God’s order to bring His Presence among us. Once he followed that order he was successful and the Glory dwelt there accessible for all. How wonderful was that season.


5. Principle of the Presence;
If our ministry is not for God to dwell with us then vain is our service. The Bible has this one message; how God overcame all obstacles to reunite and become one with his crown of creation.

All that we are must be founded on this principle. Each tabernacle and temple needed this seal; the Glory.  Only one temple does not speak of thus: Herod’s temple, which was raised up from what he tore down. The temple of Zerubabel was not majestic, but it was a house of restoration. Herod built majesty but there was no glory. So much so that when Jesus died the curtain was torn to show and expose a stark reality; a glory less house and a dead faith.

God does this today. If our inner place lacks the Glory then God will tear the curtain and all is exposed. This maybe the reason why churches close and men fall.

The Priesthood must serve and be joined so that the Glory may cover the whole.  How we get there is we must always follow the pattern!


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