Activating the Priesthood: Entry to Glory via legal means/ the value of the Covenant

We continue with our theme about the Priesthood. Our priesthood is not effective or activated if we do not enter the Glory to minister to Him and in turn BECOME a ministry.


If we cannot enter then our priesthood is just a religious mechanism that does not effect any change in our worldly state nor orientate to our heavenly destiny.

So what are the entry points?
1. We have a high priest!  HEBREWS 9.
2. We have a better sacrifice
3. We have a better covenant by better blood.


Our high priest is God Himself through Jesus Christ!!!

A. Was perfect
B. Lived a perfect life
C. Took on sin and embraced death
D. Won over death and hell and broke their dominion.

He not only did those things but when He ascended taking with Him the finished the work of a perfect priesthood and He secured the means for us to simply invoke the completed works into manifestation here on the earth. How wonderful is that? That means that prophetically we can cry out for the manifestation of all that which has been afforded in the cross!!!


This means that the lack of manifestation is a result of a lack of understanding,  and a alignment that comes from that alignment. Our “priests” waiting on a few to fulfil INDIVIDUALLY WHAT SHOULD BE FULFILLED CORPORATELY!!!

We have a better Blood which was perfect that bought our total deliverance. That blood stands in the Glory as an eternal reminder of the cost of Jesus’ sacrifice, it affords the response in our lives.

This means we are guaranteed heaven’s response when we activate our priesthood. It means we understand that the door to intimacy and dwelling in the Glory resides in our understanding of the Blood and how precious it is!!!


When we consider the price and efficacy of what was given to us what stands is the activation of our understanding. We have been kept ignorant by a religious system.  What we need is to approach the Word not through the eyes of a church or denomination but the inspiration of the Spirit.

We therefore must see that the activation of our priesthood brings us into the Fear of God and brings us into a place where we will walk in places which revivalists walked.  They simply took seriously the Word and had the audacity to believe that it applied to them and their community.

My favourite story is the one relating to the He brides Revival which started in 1948. Men prayed in a Barn in Barvas. They prayed all for 5 months. When the breakthrough came they were enlightened in Psalm 24 that God was a covenant keeping and called on Him to honour it. Needless to say God flooded the island with His Glory!

How we need this today!!!

Let us get a revelation that all is already established in heaven all that needs to happen is that we need to understand the order we are called to, understand the role of the Blood,  and then perform the sacrifices that the Word reveals.

When we align with heaven we create a place of interchange. Like Jacobs ladder, where angelic beings come and go ministering to us. When Jacob returns to his father’s land he sees companies of angels. It is in this place that physical and spiritual live and move together.  We need that today! !!



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