The end of the Beginning: signs of His Coming: Deception

1 Timothy opens our new series of messages. The Lord has been contending with me to start a series of messages regarding what we know about end times. The first thing and attitude I like to have is to depart from traditional approaches. They are too well worn and the majority of believers are too busy and anaesthetic to really feel the urgency of studying this issue. They are not end times for the believer…They are beginning times. It is the beginning for perfection and dealing once and for all a death blow to sin, the world and the devil. … Continue reading The end of the Beginning: signs of His Coming: Deception

The Torn Curtain: Expectation in a time of Transition

In my exploration of this theme I try to prophetically take lessons from history and apply them into the present. Today I want to explore our response to EXPECTATION . This is the key to seeing the result of what we were waiting for. The whole reason why I am publishing these messages about the TORN CURTAIN is because we can learn from what happened in the Temple the day Jesus died. The Glory was gone, the house was empty and exposed. And what was set in motion was a transition from a visible temple made with hands to one … Continue reading The Torn Curtain: Expectation in a time of Transition

The Torn Curtain: Exclusion to Inclusion

This series in our study of the Torn Curtain has been challenging as well as inspiring. It can be used in a kind of spiritual retreat in that we can withdraw from the activity to invest in the arts contemplation and meditation . In this we can focus on scripture in a way we would not usually. That way God can take us into the depths we would only usually skim over. In the theme, I have been able to glimpse what our future holds and for those who are included in the extension of grace it is glorious. For … Continue reading The Torn Curtain: Exclusion to Inclusion

The Torn Curtain: Example

Matthew is the only Gospel that records this event because he was the most Jewish in his projection of his Gospel. This is not to say John was not Jewish but his gospel focused more on that which Jesus said and taught than merely His Acts. The lessons to be learned is that the Torn Curtain is the final act of substitution and transfer of anointing and authority. The Glory had now passed to what would become the Ecclesia.  1. Called out ones 2. Different ones The Torn curtain is the culmination of the process of passing from one structure … Continue reading The Torn Curtain: Example

The Torn Curtain : Extension

Matthew 27:51 NIRV At that moment the temple curtain was torn in two from top to bottom. The earth shook. The rocks split. Yesterday we started to examine the Torn Curtain, which tore when Jesus died. God is speaking to me about this because He desires to do a work in us. He desires to free us, open our eyes, and protect us. Yesterday we looked at the factor of exposure in the act of the tearing, shaking and splitting that occurred. Today we look at the factor of extension. You may wonder what I mean. God has caused me … Continue reading The Torn Curtain : Extension

The Torn curtain: Exposure

Matthew’s Gospel cites the following: Matthew 27:51 NIRV At that moment the temple curtain was torn in two from top to bottom. The earth shook. The rocks split. It took death to Christ’s humanity, with all the human hopes and expectations to die with Him for the last symbol of the faith to be rent. There is a Word coming from God, all our human concepts, hopes and expectations are going to be rent in two. From the top to the bottom. The curtain speaks of the Old which passes away. How many times we erect our curtains before His … Continue reading The Torn curtain: Exposure

Church leadership

David Wilkerson sent out a message a while ago before his untimely death about the famine of the Word of God. One can affirm that there is a famine. But it is not a famine of the preaching and teaching of it but the practice of it to the Word’s requirements I speak about the activation of ministry in the Body. I also speak about the admittance of people into ministry and leadership.  In my understanding their should be these strata of involvements.  1. Gifts 2. Ministry 3. Leadership. This 3 strata criteria should include all in one of them. … Continue reading Church leadership