The Consolation of “Israel”

I am on business on the south coast once again. The term Consolation of Israel appears in Luke 2. There were house groups scattered over Jerusalem meeting because they had a conviction that a major change was about to take place.

We need to examine the type of times they were in Israel in those days.
1. There was prophetic silence: from Malachi till then there was no official prophetic voice. There was no real move of God.
2. There was built a glory less temple: Herod the Great tore down Zerrubabel’s temple, to build a majestic one, but was void of Glory.
3. Israel was occupied by a godless enemy. It was a place of potential revolution.

When you consider all these we see:
1. No voice
2. No glory
3. No identity

I do believe God speaks and encourages today. But what is missing is a prophetic voice which will bring an inner revolution. There is a lot of meetings going on. But is God there? I think if God transforms communities then He is there!

The absence of a true prophetic voice revealed in our time has caused us to make our own “flavour” of Christianity, instead of the fear of the Lord being poured out. There are many abuses going on on many levels. When there is no fear of the Lord, sin abounds!

What are we building? Are we tearing down whay God built to build what we want? Are we building a ministry or a Church which appeals by appearances but in reality has no glory. It has no fear, no sense of holiness.

Also talking of being occupied in our 3rd observation, I feel the “Romans” have made the Church occupied to become respectable instead of different, to accept a duality of being, i.e, being one thing in the church, another in every day life. This is an occupation of the church by a liberal worldly mindset.

All these facts apparent in the time before Christ’s appearance caused a remnant to pray and God instilled His prophetic word in a community. From amongst that community God birthed a second Elijah: John the Baptist.

What I believe is that we are living similar times! I believe God is going to speak in select places about His Consolation which means: God’s face and Heart is about to turn to a people made ready by Him, to birth a new move. It will be a “river of repentance and renewal in readiness for the Holy Spirit.” He is about to speak afresh.

2 members of this company, Simeon and Anna were so attuned to the Spirit that they saw, recognized and touched the new thing God was about to do. How much more today that we:

The Lord is about to do a new thing.



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