Giving up of a Natural Ambition to birth a Samuel: part 3 not natural but spiritual

Not Natural but Spiritual 1 Samuel 1

When familiarity enters into our relationships we do not see others through a true prism of light as God does.

How many are abused, criticized because they simply follow God. Whilst others had lives that followed the “natural course” of life, some lives birth the prophetic which means their lives have been predestined to see at various seasons extraordinary circumstances that defy all human wisdom!! How prophets are misunderstood!

As Hannah pours out her heart, from the brokeness and anguish of her barren womb, her disgrace, even the Priest thought she was drunk. For some in their trial resort to natural excesses Hannah resorted to confront her own condition before God. In doing so she prepared the way to birth the prophetic.

So many aspire to be significant, even programming their Christianity to see if by what they DO they can convince God that He may place them in a SIGNIFICANT move!

What I can tell you, emphatically is that the prophetic moves on you due to these factors
1. Eternal election; before birth
2. Prophetic preparation: passing the tests of affliction
3. Knowing God: understanding God’s ways in all circumstances!!!

You can fast,try to convince God, but His Election is His alone. As Hannah had known that even through all the disgrace her answer lay in God!

So where ever you are, not recognized, God surely chose you to birth something different. But you must know He chose you, and as others around you choose to run their lives around the natural course of life, your life is governed by the affairs of heaven!!! And in due time God lifts the disgraced and places on them double honour!!!


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