Transitioning your vision of Christ : John 20:17

John 20:17 KJV

Jesus saith unto her, Touch me not; for I am not yet ascended to my Father: but go to my brethren, and say unto them, I ascend unto my Father, and your Father; and to my God, and your God.

What we see here is a prophetic message. Jesus reveals Himself to Mary. What a statement to make. Let us examine why Mary wanted to touch and hold onto Jesus.

A. She was overjoyed after such a major crisis at seeing Jesus again.
B. She thought He was dead. Now amazement at His return.

Jesus however wanted to do the following:

1. Show that He is not a prophet but the Messiah.
This means that it was the season to reveal Himself as He us. How much more today. Many think revelation is hidden. It is for various seasons, but the season hae come to reveal all. So the season has come to bring a new revelation to the Church about Christ. The Church has focused on other things as the disciples did. Now is time to redefine that it is about SEEING Christ as He is. It is all about Him. He is the Centre. The Messiah: the anointed deliverer. Savior and King. When we have this revelation we will by grace embrace a new perspective of our purpose.
2. Show that a new phase had begun.
Jesus was saying to Mary, new time has begun. Do not hang onto an old religious or past experience with me. Soon through My Spirit you will see and move in me differently. It is not business as usual! He was about to let go of PRESENCE and take on OMNIPRESENCE. He was to join HUMANITY with DIVINITY. A new more powerful season was coming and now is here.
When we see Revelation 1 we see John’s vision of Jesus radically broken, Jesus revealed to Him His Ascended position. Now Jesus wants us to stop majoring on His Earthly ministry and start focusing on His Heavenly Ministry. Compare his 2 distinct ministries: a) Earthly: 33 years b) heavenly: 2000 years. Which is greater? John saw the glory, the fire, the sword: what was his response ? He fell as dead! So powerful was that sight! How we need a vision of Jesus!
3. To show it was time to reveal and transition the Apostles’ aspirations to Kingdom Agenda.
The disciples had one aspiration, restore Israel to her former glory and they be part of doing it. But Jesus clearly shows that yes, God will restore Israel’s glory, but it was not for then. Unholy ambition for revolution was to be replaced by a holy ambition for revelation. The Kingdom Agenda was an imperative to be understood. For this Jesus said: Mary, do not hold onto Me as you did before my death, things change, and I have changed, and am changing the way I move, and you will change the way of living and ministering.
This is imperative for the Church in a generation that within one hour can be changed and can change paradigms with a speed of light feeding of information. Our technology is geared to transmitting information with a touch of a button. How the Church must now stop relying on old patterns of communications, and stop using methods from the 70’s.
What will it take to receive revival? What will it look like? It will not be like the other revivals! Stop crying out for what you saw happen before. That is the Jesus of the past! What about NOW? What does He want to do now? How will it look?
The challenge is knowing that for us to go forward, the past must stay where it is! We must embrace the challenge to say: Jesus I embrace the NEW YOU! Your nature stays the same, but your ways change.
So if Jesus’ ways change so must ours! What do we need to do?
I. Let go of the past
II. Embrace change
III. Innovate
IV. Embrace inspiration.
V. Encourage Aspiration.
VI. Dare to act.

So just as Mary tried to hang onto Jesus, we have hung onto to a Jesus who no longer is relevant. His nature, never changes. But HIS ways change. Embrace the transition.

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