Price of Transition: change of leadership

2 Samuel 6

We see that in one day a leadership generation is replaced. Saul is replaced with David, albeit not so soon. What happened in any transition is that disillusionment comes in, rejecting a form of leadership.
We must change pace. David desires the Ark, desires the Presence of God. But his attempt took the life of one man. There was stumbling. We need to examine some parrallels.
A. David tried to bring the Presence of God without looking into the Word.
B. David tried to bring the Presence as with the same methodology as the ignorant.
C. David tried to bring the Presence of God without personal and corporate sanctification.

I see some parrallels today with some movements who think it is an easy thing. I believe many pastors and leaders are like David, truly seeking. But they have not understanding of the established order. And as such attempts are stumbling, we are seeing scandals and divisions. This is a symptom and not the cause.

Then something interesting happened the “Ark turned aside to the house of Obed – Edom”. Now this house was a house of God-fearers, who knew how to respect and serve, live in the Glory. Such was their devotion that for 3 months the Ark stayed in their home. Such blessing was had. And when David understood how to treat the Ark, Obed – Edom and his sons were appointed to serve in that Glory for their whole lives. Right now I see God “Turning Aside” for a temporary season, whilst leadership understand what the Divine Order is.

Right now God is going to raise households where even in their own homes will have a specific season of intensity when they shall honor and serve the Glory. Many small houses and Churches are going to have a taste of the forthcoming revival and a special dispensation which is coming. It may be for a short time. But you will be prepared in this time to become “Door keeper” of the Glory.

What order did David need to understand?
1. Way of Blood: The Ark needed to move over the shed blood of animals. How much more today we must understand the importance of teaching the power and place of the Blood of Christ in our preaching and in our Church community!
2. Levites to carry the Ark: The Lord must “Restore” the Levitical Order. Set apart order. Who is this Order belonging to? The five ministry gifts of Ephesians 4:11. It is these clothed in humility, prepared in Grace, commissioned by Christ that will carry the Ark to its appointed place. Each fellowship and ministry must allow the ministry gifts to bring the Presence of God to the place where God can establish covenant. Yes, we come into a time of reviving not for revival sake but for making a covenant with His People.
3. Form of worship: the worship must follow the direction of the Levites. Some ministry gifts have been given the area of worship to minister in. We need to release these ministries even to full time status, to understand how serious it is to bring worship pleasing to God.

As David saw the order in the Word he was successful and God granted the nation a special season where the Tabernacle had no veil, where the glory was accessible, and praise was extravagant. God is bringing us to this season.

More to come!


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