The Upper Room: I will come to you and receive you

Very often John 14:1 is quoted very often at funerals, I have heard it. As we have seen the Upper Room is a central part of our preparation for our RELEASE into the full flow of the Spirit in ministry through our lives. Once we grasp this preparation we will be released into the full potential destined for us.

Very often the very preparation we will undergo is so painful that we hesitate to continue. Revivals and visitations of the Lord were the start not the end result of what God wants. What do I mean? Imagine the spiritual momentum built up to see manifest the revival? What about maintaining the same level? If we focus on it breaking out, then we will see it BREAK DOWN too.

Jesus announce to the Disciples that He is about to depart. They are sad. They are caught unawares, but Jesus tells them that He is about to come in a new and greater dimension. In the Holy Spirit. Jesus speaks figuratively that He is going to prepare a place. What is that place? The Bible in some translations wrongly “mansions.” these are not heavenly habitations, but places IN the Spirit, which the Disciples would affect their own destiny, and the destiny of generations and nations.

When we consider the effects of the Azusa Street Revival, Welsh Revival, the Indonesian Revival we begin to understand the eternal effects of that place in the Spirit. Jesus says that He is going to prepare…we then turn to Acts 2 and see in the preaching of Peter that he has caught the preparation that Jesus made when He ascended. He has ascended, not only to sit on the Throne to make the enemy a footstool, but He also asked the Father to send the Spirit to birth a temple not made with hands.

But we also see Jesus come TO them, in the form of the Spirit. Their sadness therefore became total joy, because whilst Jesus was with them the mission was limited by His Physical Presence, so in the Spirit how unlimited was the mission’s success! Jesus was now Omnipresent to perform a worldwide work as Messiah, through the Church, to save, to heal, to deliver. Once they began to occupy their eternal place in the Spirit, so their effects on eternity is immeasurable.

God wants to transition your ministry, your Church, to not only build up a momentum for revival, but a momentum to create a spiritual explosion which will affect millions of lives. God does not want to visit, but to DWELL with HIS People!

Acts 15:6 says that God is about to raise up the Tabernacle of David, why David and not Moses? We need to go into the Word, that David’s Tabernacle was a TEMPORARY dispensation where the GLORY was accessible in an atmosphere of praise! Now God declares that He desires that WE raise up through the Spirit that atmosphere of praise, so that once we break through we will see not only a temporary dispensation but a permanent feature of Glory in our midst.

Jesus is saying: I am coming TO YOU! Not for a season! Not for a revival! But for a age, because it is natural that God desire to DWELL with His people. Are you ready? Why rely on accounts only of the earthly ministry of Jesus. Yes, He did great works, but the Heavenly Ministry of Jesus is greater. Renew the vision of your life and ministry, your Church to see that you are EXECUTING eternal songs of glory in the glory. Your Church, your ministry will become the object of NEW SONGS in the heavenly realms. If you notice in Revelation, every new event is accompanied by NEW SONGS. So release your worship ministry to HEAR the new song from heaven. Once you do that and understand HOW Heaven is moving on your behalf mighty shall be that flow in your life. So much so that that place in the Spirit shall be your habitation, and it was that habitation that Jesus went to prepare.

Let go of your long standing routines and know now is Jesus’ time to take you through the Upper Room so that you let go of EVERY earthly tie, so in death, you put on heavenly ties, celestial mindsets, and glorious movements.

Believe me, as I write this blog, I too am going through the Upper Room preparation.

More is coming!




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