Why revival evades us

If we look at former accounts of revivals you will see that many things led up to the revivals which have largely disappeared from our ministering. 1. The lack of waiting: much of our ministry grasps what God wants to do, but does little to train people to “tarry”. Today everything seems to geared to fast track Christianity. In God this cannot be. 2. Lack of fervency: desires are somewhat distracted by our dependence of things and modern comforts. Our desire needs to be on Him alone. 3. Lack of Biblical knowledge: Moses knew God’s ways so that he could … Continue reading Why revival evades us

2013 the year for the forerunners

The Lord has been opening up some secrets. I had no Word in 2012 about this year. In my spirit, it was as though God had a curtain hiding this year. Now even as we enter this year we are seeing the secret of The Lord being opened out to those who can digest and can guard “the child from king Herod.” The Lord says that this year is the year where forerunners will be selected to UNDERSTAND the ways of The Lord. The Lord shows me that many will fall away into the older orders of the denominations and … Continue reading 2013 the year for the forerunners

Lessons from the Hebrides Revival part 2

I started my post this afternoon. I had to draw to a close due to commitments. What do we note about this revival? 1. A real diagnosis of the spiritual state of the community. 2. A real commitment to prayer no matter the cost 3. A revelation from the Word coming from prayer 4. A new form of dialogue with God. 5. True outpouring of God sought, not gifts, ministries. 6. Faith in visions God gave 7. Prayer until breakthrough 8. Prayer given FIRST priority. So what do we need to do? We need to abandon the spirit of what … Continue reading Lessons from the Hebrides Revival part 2

Lessons from the Hebrides Revival 1948-1952

Our Church is starting a campaign of corporate prayer and Bible study. The quest is a true revival. Too much lethargy has gripped the church and now for getting into a spiritual breakthrough one needs to war against the world, the flesh and the devil. We need to go back to the most recent community shaking revival. This took place on the Hebrides Isles. A group of non Pentecostal believers got together to discuss the spiritual condition of their island. They Covenanted to pray 3 times a week in a barn. They did this for 5 months untiringly until they … Continue reading Lessons from the Hebrides Revival 1948-1952

The only way up is down

Now that title must frighten you. I almost always get amazed by the way the Bible is so rich in inspiration that we can see something new each day. We are in an intense study period and prayer period in our Church. It is most fruitful. Already almost a fifth of my study book is full of notes since January 1st. The Lord shows us that the way always is DOWN. When man wanted to build UP in Genesis 11, his efforts were confounded. When God scattered, He then called out a man. Abram. Hebrews 11 shows us what happened … Continue reading The only way up is down

What, who, when are you following?

Happy new year! I managed to get back to this blog. I have had over 2012 tremendous feedback. We need to have open doors this year to teach about the ways of God. Psalm 103:7 says that Moses KNEW the ways of God and Israel SAW His acts. How sad! Israel was a mere spectator of God’s ways in action! I pray that each one of us pray to KNOW HIS ways! How? The word in the Hebrew is YADAH. It is much more intimate than mere knowledge but by implication gives the picture of a union between the knowledge … Continue reading What, who, when are you following?