Out of the Box Training/ Bezaleel Ministries

Just a pause from the Upper Room. We need your prayers as we are currently working to launch a Training Agency with government support. I am currently working with a local agency in which to do this. This Wednesday have a interview with a development group. Just as exciting as it is, my heart is in my call. I was called into ministry in 1987. And since then have been extensively used in the prophetic. My heart is to devote time fully into this. But financial constraints have meant we need to be flexible where and how God provides. Right … Continue reading Out of the Box Training/ Bezaleel Ministries

The Upper Room: Preparation for Purpose

We continue with this series today. I have been blessed to notice that new people have followed us and we welcome you. What was the purpose of the Upper Room? We need to get this clear. I firmly believe it was the “womb” of the Church. Birthing is painful business. When we consider the intercessors of the Hebrides Revival, who surprised one minister by saying that they were not in the meetings themselves. They explained that God’s burden would come on them, with great agony of soul, once a soul was born into the Kingdom the burden eased until they … Continue reading The Upper Room: Preparation for Purpose