When paper IOU substitute real cash

I am just reading the Daily Mail, filtering through the rhetoric concerning Spain and its economic woes. According to official sources, whole autonomous regions of Spain are on the brink of bankcrupcy. The lending rates of debt swaps and the issue of government bonds has risen to 7.5%. It is unsustainable by any government. So I can just imagine the look of the Bank of Spain main vaults. Empty of cash, and with folders full of bond issues and IOUs.
Many are calling for the EU to resolves its debt problem. Italy is almost where Spain is now. 1 trillion debt and whole cities without public money to make basic services function.
The purpose of this post is NOT to discuss rhetoric or politics. Many call for action, but my own view is that this crisis is a managed one. There is a force, maybe a group of people who are generating this market pressure. There is an objective: force full union in crisis times, where in an ordinary peaceful time could not happen.

When you’re in a crisis you are forced into decisions which you would not normally take. So the objective is to manufacture a crisis so big so that a full agenda for a full federal union can take place. This is a worrying trend when crisis can be used to put the whole world to copy the EU. I did wonder if the euro would collapse. If it did I would be very surprised. Its not about the euro, it is a political agenda that needs to be forced through.

This is the way that Persecution can start. When Rome burned, Nero in a crisis time, in his dislike of Christians, blamed them for the fire. The crisis started many centuries of persecution. How much more today? We need to look at history and see the same signs today.

So what is financial turmoil, will become the doorway for new wicked governments to take power. Example is Germany when hyperinflation took hold, only Hitler got a hold of it, and the nation came out of the crisis. Within few years Europe and the world was at war.

The only thing we can do is pray and watch. The Lord is giving us time to win souls, make disciples. We need to leave behind attitudes that stop us from being part of God’s end time work. Time is short.

Watch and pray. See the signs and maximise what God has called you to do.

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