To the brink and back

Greece went to the brink. So did Europe. I want to avoid politics. God is shaking, breaking, making, taking His People. 1. Shaking God shakes to remove that which has no foundation. God is going to make every ideology fall, so that what is left is Christ. 2. Breaking What needs breaking supernaturally is political and ideological strongholds that have taken centuries to build. Only God can undermine the ideas of men. I prophetically see more turmoil in this transition time. Economists will predict things but God will hold them in derision. He will prosper the modern house of “Obed-Edom.”Those … Continue reading To the brink and back

Manipulated crisis

The current debate about a possible run on deposits in the Euro zone means that calls for greater union, and giving up of sovereignty is the only way forward. It seems to me that this crisis was engineered to bring about a scenario where decisions need to be made quickly which would normally take months and government processes to do. Make a crisis happen of apocalyptic proportions and you can certainly get people to decide things which would not normally get decided. All this to say, how many crises does it need to take to steer whole populations against the … Continue reading Manipulated crisis