Dispersion and modern day Emigration

I made a comment on Facebook yesterday concerning Emigrating with a Purpose. I need to make some historical parrallels. This way what was a statement is understood in context.

There is a crisis which has been going for the last 4 years since Northern Rock could no longer finance itself. The UK government had to nationalize that bank. Shortly after this Lehman Bros., collapsed. The domino effects spread from SubPrime crisis, where mortgage debts became toxic. Really what has happened is that the whole financial system has been shaken by scandal, mismanagement and debt.

I was in contact with a Christian American at the time, Michelle Graves. She predicted in 2005/6 that a crash was coming. She was right. She also said where it would start: subprime. Until today her predictions have proven true.

From a Blog which is prophetic, I cannot use this entry to diagnose the problem but give a prophetic view. Because the eurozone is striken with recession due to investor caution, lack of investment, bank shortage of capital, lack of production, many are fleeing these countries to so called safe havens. Many are abandoning their cultures and countries to find economic and well being peace. I believe God is using this emigration as it is raising up evangelistic works. Look at the parrallels with Acts. When Jerusalem came under persecution and many were dispersed to the four corners. What happened later was a great famine that struck Jerusalem hard. Those who were dispersed sent back help from where they were.

How much more today. Much help and much prayer can be sent to the stricken communities who could not make the move. This is one purpose of this movements of peoples today. God will instill in whole communities the meaning of aiding the brethren. God is not about to make His People poor, but make them into Josephs of their times. Providers in times of famine. So this is the purpose of emigration. For those so making this step prayerfully.

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