When logic does not fit

The Lord is guiding me over the last few weeks. Now the Lord is guiding me north and south. Sometimes it does not seem logical. Spending finance to go north and south, but the value of obedience is priceless.
The purpose of my journey here in the UK has to do with relocation to the country. Why now? Why UK? The Lord is doing something in the UK which is vital for this generation, revival.
In Brixham, when I lived before, in 1990, we had intense intercession. The church there was living a fresh vision, now I find myself going back. To live. I am not going back to repeat the same kind of ministry, same expectations. No, God will change the way He guides us. But the objectives are the same, to speak for Him to exhort the Church to embrace revival. The wineskin must be flexible. The Lord wants to pour in new wine. That cannot enter a rigid structure.
God is calling the church in the UK to call out to God for revival. In my time in Brixham 2 Chronicles 7:14 became a foundation scripture. So it is time to fulfil it so that the Glory of God can be poured out over the nation.

It is time for Britain to have a new revival. A national one that will shake the media, government bringing righteousness back into our laws. That is what on my heart. It can only happen if:
1. True networking: networking with Christians up and down the country who have the same heart. God spoke to Mary about her cousin Elizabeth about the new thing God was doing. So God will speak and bring people on your path who He is doing this new thing.
2. True vision: God will show what He wants to do, in what way.
3. True pro-vision: God will provide miraculous finances to sustain those promoting such a vision. The Lord wants priests who will serve 24/7
4. True pioneering: the new revival will not be like the others. It will be different. We need to gain a pioneer spirit.

So I am going to go south again, but God arranges the appointments. He knits together naturally. Please pray. Please pray for this journey.

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