You know how we have been transitioning. I have my ticket to the UK for the 21st, and shall be transitioning our base of ministry to the United Kingdom. There is a need right now for an army of intercessors to pray through the move as there seems to be some warfare. I am trying to keep my focus on the move. Please pray as there is a financial need of around £200-£300 to cover bills here, train fare down to the Algarve, and from Leeds/Bradford to Lancaster. We ask you consider sending an emergency donation to our Paypal on … Continue reading Urgent

Come up here, says the Lord, into my Dimension

COME UP HERE SAYS THE LORD, INTO MY DIMENSION RUSSELL DUROSE VISION FOR THE NATIONS REVELATION 4 Dear all, Today was a major shift in the Lord today. I had my ticket for the UK for next week. Many prophets and prophetesses have come to me from various nations, confirming my departure, rapid. I have had to stay a little while longer to tie up many loose ends. But the homecoming is a joyful one. And it is exactly that, a HOMECOMING. The Lord said through a man “The Lord said, its time to come home.”   My heart was … Continue reading Come up here, says the Lord, into my Dimension

new wine has a condition: new wineskin

These last 24hours have meant a lot in clarifying what God wants to do in our day. We concluded that much of the Local Church is locked into the pastoral system and religious at best. We began to see the relevance of the gift of tongues in the receiving of a new wineskin. When we say wineskin we mean: 1. Flexible structure for the Spirit to fill 2. Revelation not just knowledge of doctrine 3. Discernment not suspicion and fear 4. Activation of saints in ministry in gifts. This is so important. God is not pouring out new wine because … Continue reading new wine has a condition: new wineskin

Elijah change

Revelation 4 shows the change in John’s ministry. He is shown an open heaven…and is invited to come up…so it was with Elijah…he was promoted. John too was promoted. Promoted and before he was told to write to the churches he led to discharge his earthly ministry to embrace his heavenly ministry. So in this season are we promoted into our heavenly call. Pray for me as this is my experience right now. Continue reading Elijah change

Another Remnant understood

Carrying on where i left off…   God calls Abram whilst he is still in the middle of the most powerful empires of the day…calls him to leave, to go to where he had never been, to do what he had never done. He obeyed…his obedience being credited as righteousness because he believed in Him who CALLED. I believe when God calls us into the remnant, we have no conditions and no questions. I always saw this principle of obedience being obligatory ingredient of love, some have a problem with this. Some say we have a choice…I say we do … Continue reading Another Remnant understood

Are you building your Ark? A Perspective on the True Prophetic

I was writing  to one of our ministries we are connected to (Global Network of Disciples), a prolific ministry in the area of the apostolic and prophetic dimension of ministry. Today is a stormy day here in Povoa de Varzim, where I am based for the day. The clouds are fast and furious. When I got up this morning, I was reflecting on the prophetic, reflecting on material I had sent out earlier. I began to see that many so called PROPHETIC MINISTRIES, are majoring in one of two camps. There is 1. The Judgment camp 2. The Prosperity and … Continue reading Are you building your Ark? A Perspective on the True Prophetic

The domino effect

We do not take our prophetic information from the secular press, rather what seems to be happening is that the secular press is confirming what our Lord has already spoken to us. The Lord gave me an urgency to depart Portugal, as quick as possible, indicating economic disaster on a scale never before seen. I cannot say whether the “Euro” is the Babel of man…but I see great instability particularly for debtor nations, such as Italy, Greece, Spain and Portugal. The Lord showed me a disaster of massive proportions, where strings from a restrict group will manipulate the crisis to … Continue reading The domino effect