Passover to Pentecost 6: He led captivity captive

Today marks Ascension Day. Marks the distinction between Jesus’ earthly ministry and His Heavenly ministry.

Completing His Mission on Earth He goes to start His Mission from heaven

The ministry of Jesus from heaven has lasted 2000 years. However, the Church has recently in the last 50 years been only focussing on His Gospel mission from the perspective of the Gospels. Just before He is taken up, suddenly, Jesus reveals the season of fulfilments of certain purposes.

The season for the Restoration of Israel is solely in the Father’s domain

The season of the Church for its mission is in the domain of Christ, the perfection of the saints is in the domain of the Holy Spirit.

These are the last words of the Lord before His taking from the earth. The disciples have got the spiritual kingdom firmly in their hearts, but as their faith had a Israel centred vision they still are wondering if Jesus’ next mission is to see restored Israel. Yet He reveals that the Father alone knows the when of this restoration. There was a wider work about to begin. His Ascension marks the beginning of 2000 years of the Church age, His revealing in the end time will mark the beginning of Israel’s reconciliation. As Jesus was taken from them all they knew who looked on, was the command to stay in Jerusalem. Now as Jesus enters His Domain so the Church receives the Holy Spirit without measure. All of His Plan is exact and no failing any objective has ever been in God’s history throughout the last 2000 years. He is taken so as according to Acts 3:19-21 He can come TO the Church in a measure He could not throughout the 3 and half years being with the Disciples and in Israel could ever achieve, and greater works have been released.

You will be My witnesses…

The Martureo is more than merely verbal testimony…our testimony comes as we declare His Word and it follows with signs in all dimensions

The fulness of the “marturia”, as we have seen in other series on this website is the key to the end times. Revelation speaks of two groups, the righteous and the unrighteous, and in those end days to come they begin to reflect in fulness who they worship. The witness would come with power on Pentecost, and the key to sending Pentecost is the ascending Lord. Just as the angels go with Him ever upward they promise that His going would be the reflected in His next physical coming, the same glory, the same company of angels, and the same open heavens that receive Him. The witness in this context from Acts 1 is those who see, however we must note the words of Jesus, who spoke to Thomas, as he exclaims his praise of Jesus, that blessed are those who have believed who have NOT SEEN WITH THEIR NATURAL EYES, but recognised with their spiritual eyes as they are opened. In Luke 24 the eyes of the two disciples are closed until the Word is opened from Moses, and all the prophets who spoke exactly about the Messiah and what He would do. And what was in Jesus’ domain was to receive the Holy Spirit of the Father, and send Him to the Church. How much more today, in our generation must Jesus fulfil all that is what in His Domain, Dominion, to do, so that the Father may do that specific end time work for Israel. The covenant of Abraham, will reach fulness as the city that he looked for comes down from heaven, with its foundations, and so the Father will fulfil His own specific season, in the domain that He has reserved for that time. The work of the Witnesses of Christ, their sacrifice of life, and their blood will release the full blessings and judgments of the Lord. This Ascension whilst key to sending the Spirit, His coming again is for sending Judgments and full redemption upon His saints. The Ascending Lord is a forerunner for the saints at the end of their preparation will also arise to be with their Lord. Their fulness of the Marturia transforms them into the likeness of their Lord. Hence this Ascension is key to all these processes.

The Lord said unto My Lord, come and sit at My Right Hand UNTIL I make your enemies your footstool. .

The Ascension is about receiving the invitation of the Father to sit at His Right Hand so that in time the enemies will be made to bow under His and His Saints feet.

The Right Hand of the Father is a transitory position because in time He will enthrone His Son on His own Throne, and from there He shall judge and establish His Kingdom. Now He is interceding for us at the Right Hand. It is a 2000 year process of so many crises, growth, changes that come, all with the watchful eye of our Messiah. His intercession for us, as Hebrews 9 specifies, is done from His Perfection, from His Order of Melchizedek, from His own Blood, He has an effective position that secures for us every breakthrough and victory, dependent on our obedience and faith, and our walking in His Covenant. The Church and redeemed Israel are part of that subjugation process of all enemies. When we see conflict and see division we know God is dealing and is bringing about a new correction, a new measure of Dominion of Christ’s Kingdom.

May we celebrate this Ascension knowing that as He entered to His High Priestly Ministry, may we enter this day into our Kingly and Priestly authority. (Revelation 1:6).


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