Passover to Pentecost 5: the necessity to dismantle political aspirations of a wrong Messiah

We are coming to the end of this season, when Pentecost comes in 10 days almost, we shall complete this series. It has for me been a very very poignant season because I am going through very deep shifts in circumstances of those who I know, and circumstances which are unfolding a deeper ministry and deeper understanding of the Word. I always come back from the Word having learned so much, that for the understanding that I thought I had, I am aware I know nothing.

The Word is the Lamp to our Life: Psalm 119

We are coming to the end time of when Jesus spent with the Disciples, culminates with them seeing Him taken from them, going up into the heavens, and angels telling them that one day they would see Him come as they saw Him go.

In the 40 days we see Jesus speak about Kingdom to them, in the dimension of the Spirit, who He breathed on them. This 40 day season is to undo, dismantle all ideas about the Messiah. The sum total of their understanding is completed on the Day of Pentecost, when Peter stood up. We will speak about this when Pentecost comes (Sunday 5th June 2022).

The Key to Pentecost resides around the clarity of our vision and theology concerning Jesus.

Today we like the 1st century have a misunderstanding about Jesus.

Tomorrow in the Church calendar, we celebrate Ascension Day. This we will deal with tomorrow, but some of the power of Pentecost is about Jesus, His Person and completing the Father’s Mission. We talk much on this website concerning aspects of Jesus’ post-Ascension ministry. Not much is taught about it. Mostly when we teach about Jesus we focus on His Gospel mission, and evangelistically preach about the salvation He wrought on the Cross. We talk about the benefits of His Life in us. Our Eschatology is traditionally as confused. We have come in full circle because the Church spent almost 300 years battling with the theology of the identity of Christ. The Nicene Creed established the main foundation of orthodox theology. I see orthodox meaning mainstream. We are now facing the same heresies and errors about JESUS all over again. The power and certainty of a new Pentecost is centred on our willingness to define the truth about the Person of Christ! When Jesus spoke to Peter in Matthew 16, after he had revealed the identity of Christ, He said that the Father had come and revealed it to him. How much more the Father needs to reveal Jesus to us and illuminate our spirit. Then once that happens we know that Jesus will send His Spirit to demonstrate the person of Christ in our midst. And in true end times prophecy, whilst Christ is manifest in His Church, so this true and full manifestation will provoke Israel to jealousy paving the way for Jesus to reveal Himself to them. Zechariah 12:10. How will He will be revealed? He will be a King with wounds of His crucifixion. They will know. If anything today with the proliferation of denominations we are seeing a multifaceted Jesus, different filters of the same person. The Holy Spirit is calling time on this, it is time for all churches to come together to ask for a new fresh revelation of Jesus as He truly is.

A political Messiah will only divide and incite revolutions and crusades that wound society.

What Jesus wanted to do with His Disciples is destroy the idea that the Messiah would be a political figure. Right up to the Ascension the hope that Israel would find former glory was in the mind of the Disciples. The vision of a Messiah, no doubt was birthed in the hearts of the Jews after the return. It was no doubt, a revelation from God. However, the revelation was distorted after political storms, occupations and wars changed what was a spiritual vision to be a political aspiration. This is not a personal surmising of my own, we see the expectation of a coming Messiah in Anna and Simeon in Luke 2. Jerusalem had groups who had also grasped this notion. There was “chatter” below the surface of normal conversation. However so called Zealots began to raise up revolutionaries, proclaiming them to be Messiahs, even Gamaliel mentions this period in his discourse in Acts.

We are in the same danger in the Church, when we mix a spiritual message with a political aspiration. No more plain this was when the Presidential election in the USA in November 2020, with so called prophetic voices proclaimed the return of the President for the 2nd term, completing in their view a spiritual mission within a political structure. When the current President was elected revolt against these voices took place. I think the Church has an opportunity to disengage from the notion that spiritual change to a nation comes through a political process. Yes, we do desire to see after 2 years of pandemic politics, the contradictions, the lies, the corruption, that there be change. It is rare that governments change things in nations. In all the revivals, it starts in a minority within the Church. It is never through political process. Good intentions start with lifting the people’s hopes, but it ends in failure, corruption and broken promises.

No more is the stark contrast here, when the UK was locked down, when people died in care homes, families could not bury their loved ones, the official residence of the Government was beset with drunken parties, and the Gray report shows the culture that reigned there. Instead of prayer, they were partying. How far things have fallen! And it seems in parts of the Church the kind of “partying” is being drunk on power and influence than finding power in prayer! The Church has not portrayed the correct Messiah! Now you can see why Jesus had to destroy this idea of a political Messiah. The Outpouring of the Spirit on Pentecost was no part of a political agenda!!!

It is the central clarity about Jesus the Messiah that brings a new Pentecost.

Grace be unto it…

When God brought out Zerrubabel with the plumbline, and to lay the foundation they proclaim Grace be unto it!

This is what Jesus was doing, He is the New Testament Zerrubabel, coming with the plumbline, to measure to the inch, to the centimeter, the New Foundation. And we must cry out Grace, Grace be unto it. For it is by Grace you were saved THROUGH faith. Says Paul. When God wants to bring His Pentecost, the foundation for it must be laid. In this message I am stressing the fact that Jesus must be seen clearly. When we look at foundations, we see this stressed many times, Hebrews 11:10, Abraham looked for a city that had foundations, then we look at Revelation, when the angel in chapter 21 says to John to come and see the Bride, He sees a city with 12 foundations. In fact it was with this insight I wrote my book on the 12 foundations of the Church.

So we can conclude that the 40 days that Jesus spent with His Disciples are all about putting true foundations, spiritual ones. These foundations are no other than insights about Jesus Himself, His Person, His Power and Purpose. And for the Church to find a spiritual unity, and a new purpose to transform the nations must centralise the Person of Jesus in His true light. This is the process of preparing for a New Pentecost.


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