Pass-over from Passover to Pentecost

We are changing a little the focus from Passover to Pentecost as we are within 50 days between Passover to Pentecost. Passover is a transition between bondage and freedom. Pentecost is the the Spirit first fruit of the Lord which is the outpouring of all flesh. Joel 2:28-31. This was partially fulfilled on the Day of Pentecost AD33. We have studied that there are specifically 3 Passover markers in Scripture. In contrast God wants to bring a continual Pentecost.

God desires a continual Pentecost!

There is a pattern between Passover and Pentecost which needs to be understood. This is conditional on us understanding where God is taking us. These messages will slightly change with this context. There are several stages which Jesus took the Disciples through throughout 40 days which Jesus spent with His Disciples. This was until His Ascension.

In 1962 Pope John XXIII started the 2nd Vatican Council with a prayer hoping that a new Pentecost would come to His Church. Within 5 years God poured out His Spirit on many Church denominations, with renewal and healing. It is God’s will Pentecost be a constant reality. May God pour out His Spirit as we understand the pattern and purpose of God.

In the days ahead we shall discover what the pattern is to experience Pentecost with the steps present in the Scripture to prepare to receive the fullness of Pentecost.


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