Health issues

I would have wanted to have written a new message in our series transitioning between Passover and Pentecost, yet health issues have delayed me writing.

It seems from a ministerial perspective that we can overcome health problems and sometimes we do. However I do not subscribe to extreme faith theology which has somehow crept in in its extremes in many places. I do believe faith needs to be awakened to, but in the area of healing we cannot hold to yardstick type theology that if I have enough faith I will be healed, if I am not healed that has to do with a problem with my faith, or sin, or moral failure.

I do believe that we must pray for healing and then wait for it by faith doing all practically to see steps toward my healing. I am almost at the place to be able to resume the series.

Due to the pandemic over 2 years I have not been able to travel, having almost died in January 2020, and passing through restrictions imposed by the governments of the world, which restricted activities to travel and teach theology to Churches, retreats. Our financial base has been almost brought to zero. We are praying for new partners and new open doors. If you respond to this message and desire to go beyond prayer to giving you can do so via PayPal via my address: This will help us when prices of living, expenses, bills have increased in every area of life. I believe that God who is honoured through our giving and have seen God help me when I have sown into others.

I have written this message not with the motivation to get support. Rather it is an acknowledgement that difficult times come, we cannot confess ourselves out of them, rather we must pray to know from God the why to our difficulties and what and how to respond. In health we must know why we are sick, beyond our faith in God’s sustaining power. I am processing the various intense difficulties which the pandemic presented; the isolation, near death situation, transitions in home locations, financial lack. It was a 2 years of intense contradictions, media falsehoods, fears, many levels in which I was sorely tried. Many ministers and ministries speak of the same issues. What cannot always explained concerning this the only Scripture that fits is 2 Corinthians 4, where Paul tells us his own trials and how he faces them. God does come through, and it takes time and it does not always come in the way we expect. If we present a clear theology we do not have all the answers to the bad things that happen. What God looks for in this is the integrity and steadfastness of heart, where we trust Him and worship Him regardless. Like Job who lost everything we must get to the place where we also bow down and give this true worship.


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