Afghanistan… a spiritual allegory

It has been distressing to see the anguish outside the airport in Kabul. I can only intercede that the human errors, arrogance and political manoeuvres do not become a story of massacres and oppression of all those who are still at the airport.

We may be angry and rightly so, at the government, people who could do something and do not, pandemic, nations and governments across the world losing all notion of balance and the paranoia that is abroad.

The fact is once you create a God shaped vacuum and fill it with politics this is what it produces.

We must look at a Biblical example of impending disaster and how God already prepares His man for this task. I have for the last few weeks been studying Joseph and how God saved Egypt and surrounding nations through the wisdom he grew in. The preparation was betrayal, slavery and prison. Yet God used these to prepare a leader.

It seems what the world looked to the USA for was leadership, yet encountered weaknesses which open the door to terrorism and dangers of enemies trying to destabilise the tense world. How much more spiritually does this ring true.

The Church has been like Joe Biden, even Jesus alludes to the sleepiness of God’s people in the end times. It is evident throughout the Old Testament that the leaders and Kings that rose up reflected the walk with God of the nation’s prophets and priests. When priest serves for bread 🍞 and prophets for money 💰 then we get corruption. And we have this right now. The Church has allowed weakness through maintaining a machine that feeds and finances instead of submit to God’s ways and become Joseph to all those oppressed and in danger.

I do not point the finger, even Daniel in chapter 9 included himself in the sin of the nation, as much as Nehemiah included himself in the iniquities of the nation in Nehemiah 1.

If the government’s of the world desire a reset is because the Church has not presented a greater reset than a globalist one. If the government’s had a Church moving in healing then COVID19 would not be such an issue. These issues are not dealt with or resolved through a political process because they have a spiritual origin.

And if the Church had presented leadership around the world then the Taliban would encounter great divine visitations that they would have not dared to target the Church there. As it is our prayers are with our brothers there in Afghanistan 🇦🇫 and we pray for such visitation akin to Peter’s encounter with the angel. We must shoulder the anguish of the brethren there. And if the Church is seen to mobilise on many levels maybe government around the world will begin to consult the leaders for spiritual solutions.

The vacuum of leadership and spiritual leadership has partly contributed to this situation. We have time now to mobilise in prayer and see God do extraordinary things, even turn the hearts of the oppressors and bring a outpouring of the Spirit in that region from impending death and oppression. May we join together in this prayer effort!

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