Capitulation; makes war very likely

In 1939 when Hitler was invading nations in Central Europe Nevile Chamberlain went to Berlin bringing back a agreement which proved to be a capitulation and within months Britain was at war against the Axis powers of Germany and Italy.

The last few days I have been praying and watching the situation in Afghanistan, and the subsequent media coverage seeing a picture coming from the presidency.

Capitulation for political expediency

This is very important to understand because once we capture this, it makes the lies, the recklessness, the hypocrisy and wokery understandable. None of what is going on is with any humanitarian motivation, no sensitivity. All is for politics. The will to stand up for what is right has gone and falling for anything has become the mantra. When Kamala Harris is waving from an aircraft with no-one looking or waving her off is indicative of what is at the heart of this political class, the look good factor. Isaiah alludes to this when God said “They draw nigh unto me, with their words, mouths and lips, but they have removed their heart far from me” is about what sums up the situation here. What resides at the heart is a group of God haters, money lovers at the heart of all of this. No principle, no heart, no solidity has come out in all press briefings. It seems that political expediency has overriden any notion of righteousness.

Capitulation is deception concerning the nature of the enemy

Once Hitler invaded Poland the UK knew that Hitler’s true colours were laid bare, he wanted nothing with peace. The World War started with Britain coming from a weakened position with a leader who had capitulated and now had to muster the courage to fight. It was not until a year later when Chamberlain’s own weakness led him to resign in favour of Churchill that the tide began to turn.

I cite this example being that we are seeing the same issues here. We see the White House totally deceived into believing that the Taliban will honour their part on any agreement. We know that aggressors do not change and we shall shortly see the true nature revealed. Just moments ago Taliban fighters just fired upon an Italian military plane. Capitulation is deceived into negotiating with those who have no good faith.

Capitulation makes war inevitable

The capitulation of Chamberlain paved the way for the UK to have no choice but to declare war on Germany. America and the current capitulation makes war in the Middle East inevitable because her enemies are now emboldened by America’s weakness. When you consider Biblical comparisons only one comes to mind. In 1 Samuel we see the corruption of the spiritual leadership prostitution themselves and greedy. They were contemptuous with the sacred things that were founding pillars of the nation. They are fighting the Philistines and were losing. In the fight the sons of Eli are killed. They bring out the Ark, having paid lip service to its value. The Ark is captured and the nation humiliated. Here at the heart Western nations are being humiliated because they have forsaken God and His Christ. We cannot revolt against our leaders until we all recognise that we have all departed from Him.

Concluding words

The Holy Spirit brought back this example from 1939 yesterday and showed me the capitulation at work. It is covering corruption and the worst wickedness. Eli was blind deaf and dumb. His family had the greatest wickedness at work. Who knows if Biden is a modern day Eli, who no longer looks at judgment as an opportunity for change but an inevitable demise. The problem is that his personal demise became the downfall of the whole nation.

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